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Hi guys,
before i posted that i was going to get a 6800 gt from a friend but he sold it to someone else instead of me. Anyways, now that i don't have a video card. Which card will you guys recommend me to buy. I have a budget of 150-250 Dollars. I have an AGP slot motherboard. p4x400 dragon lite from soyo. Please advice me on which video cards is best to get. The games that i have are CoD2, BF2, Doom, BF vietnam and other ones. Please help me out on giving some advice on the video card i should buy so that i can play my games without any problem. Thanks.
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  1. ~$150 gets you a 7600 GS in AGP nowadays.

    The only better deal for AGP I've seen is the X800 XL on Ati's site, they're refurb for like $130 or so. Excellent cards if you aren't afraid of refurb, and Ati warranties 'em.

    There are more powerful AGP cards out there like the 6800 GT, 6800 Ultra, X8x0 XTs, and 7800 GS... but they're usually too expensive considering better performing cards are so cheap in the PCI-express arena. It's usually worth upgrading your platform instead of investing hundreds into an AGP card.
  2. For under $200, you can beat these:


    The first two cards are both AGP and are great deals, and both will play all those games on max. I'm getting the X850Pro.

    Now, if you really feel like spending $250 on an AGP card, there's this 7800GS which is much more powerful than the previous two, but costs $249 after mail in rebate.

  3. If i to upgrade my mother board which will be the best one to upgrade to and that i can still use my p4 chip with and also memory..
    So far i have a Pentium 4 socket 478 500 FSB 3.06GHz HTT, i have Memory PC3200 DDR 333/400
    ( Three DDR 2.5V DIMM sockets support up to 3GB (DDR 266, 2GB for DDR 333/400)
    184-pin PC3200/PC2700/PC2100 non-ECC, unbuffered DDR SDRAM memory)
    Please let me know which PCI-Ex motherboard i can upgrade to that will support the stuff i have so that i don't have to spend more money. Please advice me and i will upgrade motherboard and get a pci-E video Card. Thanks to everyone.
  4. Hmmm... upgrading that stuff is no slam dunk. Finding a PCIe motherboard for that socket 478 beast would be ideal, but those are hard to find.

    If you want to go the upgrade path you're probably better off getting a mobo/cpu combo like:


    Athlon64 AM2 socket with a sempron 3000+ & 512mb DDR2. But then you have to sell your old stuff, which can be a pain in the neck.

    Certainly would be easier to get a simple AGP card, unless you can find a socket 478 PCIe mobo...
  5. There's a few boards out there that will do the trick for a socket 478: the Gigabyte GA-81865GVME for $54.99, MSI 915GM Speedster-FA4R for $132.95 and a MSI 945GT Speedster-A4R for $149.99, all from Newegg. The Gigabyte is the best priced of the three. After that, the prices get so high that you're probably better off with a motherboard/cpu combo, as Cleeve suggested.
  6. Well, u can probably find a 7800GS for around 250. Although all AGP suck, so u may just want to switch ur motherboard. If not then either the X850XT or the 7800GS.
  7. I've seen NF4 mobos for under $50 and a retail box A64 3500+ for $94. Pair that with a 7600GT or better, and it would be a nice alternative to something like a 7800GS or even trying to go PCI-e with a 533bus P4 Northwood.

    OP, in AGP, I say grab the $119 X800XL from ATI. A P4 3.06GHz + X800XL + 1GB ram is still a decent gaming rig, and the price is right.
  8. DUDE, the X850 pro says in stock now! enjoy your card. :D
  9. Okay guys i have bought this motherboard which i think will work for me. ASUS P4V800D -X Motherboard PCI Express and AGP .Let me know what do you guys think. In three or four years i am going to build another computer, for now i just need something that will work for me. Also now what is your suggestion on video card that i should able to buy with a budget of 200 dollars that will for for the games i have mention in my first post. Thanks to all.
  10. Ew... should have asked first. I believe that motherboard gives a massive performance penalty if you use the AGP slot on it...
  11. Yeah, can you cancel that order or return it? It's about August now. IMHO you are much better off spending max of $150 for a video card (6800GS/7600GS/X1600 Pro) for now to get you to Christmas. By then the first gen DX10 cards will be out, Vista will be near release, and this summers CPU prices may drop a bit. I wouldn't build a new system until end of 2006, but that's just what I'm doing.
  12. i am going to buy the pci-express video card. Please now what is the good one to buy. i don't think i am going to use the AGP slot.
  13. Depends how much you have to spend?

    Check the 'best cards for the money' thread at the top of this forum.
  14. Now i am just waiting for the motherboard to arrive. I am willing to spend at leat 150.00 or 200.00 for a video card. I am going to use this computer to play BF2.CoD2 since this are the two games that i been playing a lot. Also i will be playing emulators on like mame, neogeo. That's why i need a video card that will help improve the performance of the emulators and pc games. Any advice is welcome and thanks for your help guys.
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