Another New system thread :) It's conroe baby!

Hey guys, i'm buying a new system quite shortly. my finger has been on the trigger for a few months now; been waiting for conroe. Suggestions would be helpful.

Here is what i'm planning on getting:

cpu: e6600 (of course)
motherboard: nf5 sli board, (hopefully they'll be available sooner than later)
vid card(s): 2x
or 1x
(i realize taht this is the part where i'm going to have a thousand people say, don't waste your money with nvidia and get a 1800xt or 1900xt) ;)
sound card:
harddrive: (also i have a backup 200g ata drive for storage)
case: already have a good coolermaster

side note: i already have an antec true power 480watt psu. but i'm gonna want a duel card set up so i doubt that 480 is really enough.

suggestions guys? and thanks a ton!

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  1. if you have that much cash you would be much better off on waiting for dx10 video cards, for now you can get a x1900xt which will be MORE than enough for gaming in the near future, save that cash there and then upgrade once dx10 and vista comes out :D

    if you only go single card for your GPU you can def afford better ram.
    may i suggest this

    Also if you went single card for now you could keep your PSU (youll have to upgrade later on but you may want to see what is out there at the time).

    Just a few ideas
  2. thanks for the advice man...

    BUT, everyone keeps saying dx10 cards are around the corner. i have a feeling that it's gonna be farther away than everyone thinks. let me be quite honest, 6 months is too far away... in fact 4 months is :P.

    i was kinda looking forward to a two card solution. so like... i have to kinda know now who i'm gonna go with when dx10 cards come out... you know, motherboard and all. if this is anything like last round, ati will wait damn near a full year to come out with their dx10 solution..

    i've had both brands. both are great. however, if we go duel card solution, i think sli is the more affordable solution. 2x 7900gts is $560 or so. how much would an equivilant? 1900xt crossfire? we're talkin like $700 right?

    if i'm wrong i'll be happy to eat my words but sli just seems like a little more affordable than crossfire.
  3. hehe should be getting my e6600 soon.

    does anyone else have any further suggestions?
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