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Hi all,

In our network, every user has a lot of network-drives. We have to take
in mind that each drive-letter should only be used for certain mappings:
a: b: = reserved by OS
c: = non visible
d: = public local partition
e: f: g: = cd-rom drives and optional USB stick
h: - z: = network mapping for year / studio / .... way too much

Some students are in 2 years, so the solution now is to put them in the
highest year. But that ain't an elegant solution.

Now I wonder if there is a possibility to map those network shares to
folders, instead of drive-letters. Taking the Linux-way in mind of
mounting smb-shares to folders.
This mounting should happen at logon, so it should be dynamic.
Result should be a drive-letter, containing folders that have the name of
the share, so that they can access more shares of the same type (like 2

Is there an option to do this? All 'linking' things I've found, are only
usable on local (NTFS) filesystems.

Toni Van Remortel
Netwerkbeheerder - HA - Dept. Ontwerpwetenschappen
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  1. Perhaps you could make a series of shortcuts to those network folders? I know it's not quite the same thing as shortcuts don't get grouped with the folders or anything...

    I'm actually looking to do the same thing, as you can mount a local drive into an NTFS folder in lieu (or in addition to) assigning it a drive letter. Helps make distributed file systems more transparent.

    I think I will probably try the shortcut thing out myself for a little while to see how well I like it.

    Good luck, and if you find a solution, please remember to come back and post what you've found!
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