M-Audio Revolution 7.1, SB X-Fi Platinum or Onboard sound?

Building a new comp around an Intel E6600-E6700 and wondering what kind of sound card to get. Applications would involve gaming and other general stuff.

I already have an M-Audio Fast-Track Pro for music-making, but it doesn't seem like the best thing for gaming, especially regarding headset inputs & CPU loading :?
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  1. For gaming you'll be pretty safe with the X-Fi. I basic XM model sounds the same as the Plat., but if you really want the features or look of the front-panel break-out box then go with the $80 premium for the Platinum. ...doesn't seem worth $80 to me but if you've $$ to burn....
  2. X-fi is DEFFINATELY the best card for gaming, no doubt at all.

    If you dont have that kind of money, then I would look at some of Creative's older cards.

    Deffinately stick to Creative for gaming
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