How to block: Open DNS guide after closing hotmail

Why is it when I log out of my hotmail account I redirected to open DNS guide? With HMI TWW MSN Logout in the search menu. Is this a virus? Please explain
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  1. Try TDSSKiller.
  2. "Open DNS" (which actually BLOCKS normal DNS service !) is malware that pretends to be a parental control facility but, whilst it does block some pornographic websites, it also blocks sites that do not pay it a fee to 'not block' it (protection racket). It is usually installed by the administrator on a network or by an ISP so there is nothing on your computer to find or remove. When I last experienced this it blocked yahoo but not google, it blocked dailymotion but not youtube !!

    (the mighty) Tor bundle can easily bypass this. As we approach "Web 3" where everyone will only be allowed by their ISP to visit the websites that that ISP 'markets' I think that it is essential that everyone uses the Tor network most of the time (Tor does block flash videos as they can contain malware).
  3. only just noticed that this is a 4 year old thread !!!
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