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Hello all - I've been experimenting with overclocking my AM2 X2 4600. Wanted to purchase the X2 5000 when it came out but couldn't get my hands on one anywhere so I went with the 4600 hoping to overclock it to 2.6GHz to get 5000 performance. So far it has been stable (2 hours including playing HL2 EO for an hour), no crashes. Using AI Booster, I set my FSB to 216MHz, giving almost 2.6GHz overall (did not change multiplier 12). Vcore has been left at default, which is 1.392V (CPU-Z). Temps staying below 40C idle and under 50C when gaming. Did not change anything else other than the FSB. I've read the guides here and other guides elsewhere but have a couple of questions to ask:

- My RAM (2x1GB Corsair PC6400C4), has been automatically clocked up to run at 433MHz or so, is this safe or do I need to reduce this? My mobo supports 1066 I believe
- Do I need to increase voltage? I've seen people taking this up to 1.4-1.5V
- Anything else I need to do to make sure the system remains stable?
- How much more voltage do I need to get to 2.8GHz? (Saw on AMDZone a guy overclocking his 4600 by 420MHz at 1.25V but that was an EE version)

My specs are: Asus M2N32 SLI mobo, X2 4600+, 2x1GB Corsair PC6400C4, 7950GX2, Zalman CNPS9500. Thanks!
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  1. The key thing is your temps. They're a little high but nothing too bad. Just turning the bus up 10% won't cause you to need more voltage, but that's the price you pay when you OC.

    It's always a chance. I turned my 4400+ up to 210 with no extra voltage and have had no problems.
  2. Thanks, system is running stable without increasing voltage so far. Temps fall to around 32-33C idle actually so it looks ok. What do you think about the memory though? My RAM has been automatically OC'd to run at around 866MHz although it is DDR2 800 - do I need to turn this down?
  3. What cpu fan have you got btw? An what case?
    My 939 4200 runs 40c idle and 52 when on Black an White two at medium-high spec. Im using the standard cpu cooler in a NZXT Nemesis case.

    I too am interested in oc'ing but with these temps im a lil dubious about it, though the hot weather in the UK currently a big factor in system temps (the system would run at around 35c idle before this damn heat wave)
  4. Temps over here in Hong Kong also very high at the moment, but running at 32-33C idle - playing Far Cry and Oblivion at max settings gets my CPU into the mid-50s. Hit 59C once with Oblivion but hasnt gone higher than that so far. I am using the Zalman CNPS9500 cooler in an Antec P180 case. The Zalman fan definitely helps - with stock cooler I was at 37-38C idle.
  5. Yall are funny you can push that 4600 to 2.98zGhz just let your cpu adjust and you can work your way up thier and have your cpu run at 40c with stock heat sink
  6. I agree with Just currently my 4600 is at 2.8 Im using a blueorb cooling fan keeping my temps at around 50 underload. Didnt change the multiplier I have the cpu voltage at 1.4 4X HT and my mem is set to 667mhz instead of 800.
  7. this is the previous thread on max 4600+ clocks.


    check it out.
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