Can't access one Website

:cry: I have been trying to access On my notebook and desktop with the same results, "Can't display Page".

I'm on DSL but have tried it on Dialup also with the same results. There is a 3rd computer in my home and it accesses the site with no problem. I have been to my ISP and the hosting ISP. I am able to :ping" and do a "Tracert" both with no problems. HELP! Any suggestions?

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  1. The correct link is

  2. I went through the cleaning process on Still unable to access the site in question.

  3. use a different browser

    also, why does this seem like a advertisment
  4. Hi, wanna fuck off?

    I suggested a different browser as sometimes, browsers, DONT WORK with particular websites.

    as far as the "gool ads", I wasn't directing that at your website or his, I was directing it at the fact that he came in here, gave really no information on what is going on, or what he has previously tried. Just threw a link at us.
  5. Wow your an ass and a fk* form advertiser.

    If he uses Firefox, and it works.... then we have a starting point now don't we you sorry excuse for a computer geek.

    Also: to the OP... Run hijackthis and look for redirectors, or entries in your host file.

    Another thing: Start up in safemode w/networking and try to access that page.
  6. Quote:
    My point to him is to wipe the slate clean...

    Ya don't try to fix anything just use something else "NOT!"

    You prove my point.

    To educate you on the difference between you testing the site in I.E, and him testing the site in I.E......

    I.E has security settings stored on the host computer (and per/profile). If such security settings, or required add-on, is preventing the machine from going to that site, then using FIREFOX would test this, possible saving time in the diagnostics.

    If your browser could substitute for his, it would make life easier.

    And for the name calling, your right, it is not proper, but in your case, it was necessary.

    BTW, ....

  7. Look, I'm bitchy from some awesome dental surgery I just came home from, but you patrionized me first. Check your own "maturity level"
  8. Dental surgery?


    I bet you will end up with a set of teeth to match your pair of....

  9. Go to the Other and lookit my post "Teeth"

    I'm not the only one!
  10. a good tech never gives up
  11. If you could avoid giving technical advice in the future, that would be great.


    To Cheez:
    "never give up.." Agreed, hence is need for supplemental advertising.
  12. Although I own a business, I wouldn't advertise on this or any other site without paying for the right. We can only advertise with the consentof the parent company or lose our franchise ( costs thousands). This a legit problem. I have changed browers etc. I purchase a new LapTop and it can access the site in quwstion without a problem.
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