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I have just started a new office job and i want to listen to radio / music.
there are other people in the office that spend a lot of time on the phone and i hate having to turn the noise down or off every time this happens.
is there any way of directing the music so only i can hear it without having to use headphone all day?
the music does not need to be loud or have bass
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  1. Well it seems like you are looking for a speaker that has very low dispersion, or very poor off-axis performance.

    There are two ways to go about this. Start on a low budget, and get really bad computer speakers. This will almost guarantee poor off-axis performance. But unfortuantely, this also guarrantees high distortion, which means instead of accurate sound in the frontal listening area along with poor off-axis performance, additionally, there is going to be some "boomy" distortion at off-axis. So, that won't help, as it'll just be extremely muddy but hardly low volume on the off-axis.

    The other way to go about it buying planar speakers, which have very poor off-axis performance, but don't have poor dispersion. Planar speakers are rather expensive.

    The third way to go about is a line array with small drivers (which naturally has poor off-axis performance), while maintaining good vertical dispersion. Again, these aren't cheap.

    Since you are at THG and not at some middle class forum like avsforum, I'm guessing you are operating at a relatively low budget. If that assumption is true, I think its more accurate to say what you are looking for doesn't exist. You might save a huge chunk of money if you can DIY a thin line array or ribbon-based speakers.
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