Wondering if i should go sli or upgrade

Right now i have an asus EN6800GT card with an artic cooling silencer on it. I bought it about a year ago and i was wondering if it is worth it to buy another one for the sli config or just upgrade to next gen.
Or if it would be worth it to upgrade the video card. I currently have a 939 socket MB with 2 gig of ram and a AMD 64 3500+ processor. SOme advice would be cool thank you.
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  1. I would hold on to your current setup, and get a whole new build in like 6-8 months. If you can get another 6800GT for under $100, it won't hurt you.
  2. A single 7900 GT or X1800 XT will beat two 6800 GT's, and either of those cards is less than $300

    Unless you can find a 6800 GT for less than $100 (impossible), upgrade to a single card.
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