Thermaltake Bigwater 735 and iTube6 package question

Does anyone know what the length is of the tube that comes with the Thermaltake Bigwater 735? And also, does the Thermaltake iTube6 CL-W0045 package come with all three sizes? 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2? I have looked everywhere in product descriptions and reviews and haven't been able to answer that question for myself. Any insight would be apprieciated, thanks!
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  1. I believe that most thermaltake wc products use the 3/8" tubing and usually come with around 6'.

    That link shows that it uses 3/8" tubing but not the length.
  2. Thank you Waylander. 6ft that's great! And the package thermaltake sells, the iTube6 that just comes with tubing. You wouldn't happen to know if that comes the the 3 sizes would you? I see on the website it says all three, but then in the specs it says 6.4mm ID with 2mm thickness, that's an OD of 3/8 I think. They are a bit confusing.
  3. If ther 735 comes with tubing why are you buying more? As to buying the tubing separately, those 3 sizes are what the tubing is available in, not what you get when you order it. You have to specify the size you want when you order it (at least that's how it should work). The picture on the site is just using the 1/4" as an example, when you place your order specify the 3/8" or it won't fit with the 735 set.
  4. I was going to buy more because I got a VGA block too and I couldn't find anywhere that told me the length of tubing that came with the set. So to be safe I went to buy more. None of the websites selling the iTube will let you specify the size. It comes with 13'1.5" of tubing too, ttake's site says 4000mm.

    But I just found my answer. iTube6 is 6.4mm. There's another one called iTube9 that is sold almost nowhere. That is 9.5mm. which is the ID of 3/8. So the iTube9 is what I would need if I bought more. But since it comes with 6' that should be enough to put in the vga block. This is my first watercooling undertaking so I was being careful so I didn't have to wait longer for new tube if I needed it.

    I just hope Monarch can cancel that tubing from my order. :roll:
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