a few x1900xt problems

Hey guys i recieved my x1900xt today :twisted: it's a very sweet card.
i do have a few questions and two problems..
problem one : when my comp fires up my into screen is distorted. it's the biostar screen where you can hit end to get to the bios.

problem two : in my display adapter it shows two x1900. series and series secondary... is that normal?

i'm downloaded the newest cat off ati's page..
now for the noob questions.. :lol:

how do i get the aa and hdr to work with my games? sorry guys last card i used was an old geforce 3.

btw thanks guys for all your help
I'd prob be on my 5th rma with a 7900gt by now if you guys wouldn't of showed me the ati cards and benchmarks..
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  1. The driver will show one display for each RAMDAC. Since the X1900 can do dual displays, it shows up as two devices. So no problem there.

    Corruption on startup sounds weird though. How long does it occur? Does it ever happen in windows or games?
  2. it just happens on startup at the biostar page. i can hit delete and it goes to bios still.. games run fine, that's the only time it happens. it's only lasts about 2 seconds, then the comp posts and its fine..

    here is my cat settings..
    i've got hd temporal anti aliasing checked.
    aniso filtering checked.
    adaptive aa checked..

    will this automaticly find my games? and put aa on them?
    plus i cant find hdr at all...
  3. HDR is an in game feature...not a driver tweak.

    Like cleeve said....primary and secondary fine...

    Corruption on POST? Try a BIOS update.....
  4. How many watts is your PSU and how many amps does it have on the +12v rail total of all +12v rails?
  5. antec 500 watt smartpower 2.0
    36 amps on the 12 rail..
    i don't think its as much as a problem than annoying..
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