Any time I try to interact with virtual drive, program freezes.

Hi, I'm having a major issue. I recently downloaded MagicDisc and mounted a virtual drive (E) and now whenever I try to right click or even double click on it no matter which program I use, be it windows explorer or the device manager or even malwarebytes when I try to scan it, that program freezes. I fear it is infected but I do not want to reformat. The drive is completely unresponsive but I think its infected because I also can't shut down windows(it stays at the shut down screen indefinitely), I can't open certain programs( like Itunes), and system restore freezes whenever I try to use it. Can anyone please help me?
P.S. I'm using Windows 7
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  1. it might be the software.. try using alcohol 52 for mounting. Its free!
  2. Uninstall and use DTLite Free from Daemon Tools, fully Win7 compatible.
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