Help! Does my video card support 1680x1050 res?

I have an Ati aiw x800xt. I am thinking of buying 20.1" widescreen lcd monitor (either the dell or viewsonic vx2025wm). But the 1680x1050 resolution is not listed in the GPU specs page for my card ( Does that mean it wont support 1680x1050?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. I have an ATI x800xt and when I go to Catalist Control center I can set the resolution to 1680x1050. Try it. I think all newer cards wont have any problems with this resolution. It's important to have the latest drivers. I think it's not actualy about the card but about the drivers.
  2. Quite frankly you could probably get that high but it won't look at great for gaming. You'll probably have to turn off some of the effects or you'll be running games at low FPS.

    At those resolutions you'll want a very good single card or 2 decent cards in SLI or CF (this is when they actually make sense).
  3. Quote:
    I think it's not actualy about the card but about the drivers.

    Actually it's about the monitor sending support information to the card.

    Usually when you plug it in it'l appear. If not then come here.
  4. well the x800 series should support that res, as my fx5500 supported 2048 x whatever resollution, even though it couldnt run anything at that res.
  5. thx guys
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