A8N32-SLI random shutdown...need help

I just upgraded my rig with these stuff

A8N32-SLI mobo
Athlon64 4000+
OCZ modstream 550w
OCZ Titanium 2X1GB PC3200
GeForce 7900GTX

Computer run and boot fine, but sometimes I experienced random instant shutdown specially when I play game.
I know it looked like PSU problem, but I did not have this problem when I used Abit AN8 32X SLI with same configuration.

I read on some forums that A8N32-SLI have problem with antec PSU.

Any though?

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  1. i have the asus a8nsli 32deluxe with a 68gt
    i have not had these problems
    very seldom <playing bf2> it will mess up
    i just got everything going <via sys restore>
    but this was after windows auto update

    i mean to say that i have had things going fine for almost a year
    until yesterday when i went for the auto update.

    how often does it happen <in your case>
    more info please
  2. just re read yor post, i have an antec tp 2.0 550wat
    and have not noticed any problems
  3. This have been happened 4 times during normal windows usage and once during game. I have not played any game afterward.
  4. give me more info
    sys specs?
    any overclocking?
    and so on.
  5. Are you monitoring your temps? Have you run any mem tests?
  6. My computer running at default speed, no overclock at all.
    I have not run mem test, but I will do that today.
    Yesterday I play half life2 episode one for two hours and nothing happened...stange.
    Like I said before, temperaturenormal, 46c cpu and 50c gpu full load.
    The funny thing is this never happened with my abit an8 32X SLI.
    Is it possible because of the mobo?
    Asus mobo is giveaway from my friend and he said everything is running well with same modstream PSU.
  7. Have read somewhere in the forum were they said that this board doesn't work well with OCZ mem but I can't find it now :roll:
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