Video Editing Machine - My Build - Feedback Please

Any feedback / recommend changes / recommend additions? Please critique before I spend the big bucks... Thanks!

Software used will include: Adobe Production Suite // Macromedia Studio 8 // Pinnacle // maybe AVID // maybe 3D Studio Max or Maya //

This will be a full-out video editing / content creation machine...

HARDWARE SHOPPING LIST (feedback please!!):

$575 E6700 Core 2 Duo Chip
$250 Asus P5b Deluxe Mobo (965 chipset)
$400 4gb OCZ Gold pc5400 DDR2 RAM
$160 OCZ GameXStream 700W Power Supply
$100 Antec P160 Silver Aluminum Case (or a different case?)
$500 2x150gb Western Digital 10k Raptor SATA HD - RAID 0
$400 750gb Seagate SATA HD 7200.10 Perpendicular Recording
$100 2x DVD-DL 16x burners w/lightscribe (which one?)
$25 Floppy / Memory Card Reader
$250 ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X1900 256MB (3D, tv in/out, tv tuner, etc. etc.) [[ Is there a better card for a video editing workstation?)
$385 Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite (w/external sound box)
· -or- $170 Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum (w/drive bay sound controller) ??
$50 Wireless-G Extreme LAN card (unless wireless LAN is built into mobo?)
$980 Samsung 244t 24” Widescreen LCD Monitor
· -or- SONY SDM-P234/B 23” Widescreen LCD Monitor ??
$65 Logitech G7 wireless laser mouse
$30 Microsoft Wired Digital Media Pro Keyboard
$100 Klipsch 2.0 ProMedia Ultra Speakers (great bass w/out subwoofer = easy transport)
$50 Sennheiser Headphones – comfortable + durable (for quiet editing)
$300 External USB powered Hard-drive (for bringing completed video files to other computers + sharing work/files between editors) - recommendations?
$100 Power strips, CAT5 cables, firewire/USB cables, Mousepad, Gear Grip Pro, Misc.

TOTAL: $4850
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  1. Sounds nice :)

    If you have enough slots for it, I'd recommend seperate TVTuner cards and the X1900XTX instead of the AIW.

    ATI 550 Pro or NViDIA DualTV MCE (if you're going to use MCE) are both ISF certified and good quality, plus they have hardware mpeg2 encoding.

    Vbox DTA 150 or DViCO Fusion HDTV cards for OTA HDTV (DVICO cards support unscrambled QAM too)

    Also, keep your eyes out for any add-in cards that use the Sigma 8622L/8624L or the new 8634 chips if you want hardware decoding support for mpeg-4 AVC. Hopefully the Odyssey card will have encoding support too.

    Good luck!
  2. Quote:
    There are a few Theater 550 PCI-Express x1 cards, and those are great tuners.

    from the pci-e x1 thread
  3. I would spend less money on the cpu and go for the E6600, quit on those raptors and get two 250/300Gb and Raid them. That would let you save some money for the 23'' Apple Cinema HD.

    Great headphones!! The best for audio production, clean sound, not even a soud that goes out or in. I bought those for 90€... :cry:
  4. I agree with the above post - Get more storage and RAID it.

    I personally prefer Firewire or SCSI for external drives - I've had USB write errors before...

    A second LCD panel is also an option. Actually most video editors also have a NTSC/PAL video monitor to check the "final output."
  5. Why don't you just replace that San Diego (from that first system in your sig) with an high end X2 ? It'll be 4500$ cheaper...
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