Windows 7 Home Premium cannot change desktop wallpaper

Hi all

I have a problem with my windows 7 home premium laptop..previously I was able to change my wallpaper but how come it doesn't seem like I can now?

For an ordinary person to change the wallpaper they had to right click desktop, select "personalise", then go to "desktop background" and select one. Problem now is that it doesn't do anything when I click a new wallpaper or selct one and click save. It just stays the same

Thanks in advance
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  1. Is this a home or work laptop? Did you make any recent changes that may have caused this?
  2. home laptop. No recent changes.
  3. This is a legal version of Windows, right?
  4. yes.

    But I just found the culprit: Samsung Easy Display Manager

    I force quitted the dmhkcore.exe and the desktop background started changing. Opened it back up, and it stopped.

    So I ended up uninstalling it and reinstalling it in order to use it while being able to change the bg.

    but thanks for your help
  5. Ah, good. Glad you fixed it.
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