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Hi guys, I'm new on the forums, and have a pretty signifigant problem. It's kind of a long story so bare with me. Alright, so it's back in late march/early april, and I want to start ocing my system to extend the life a bit and prolong the time before I needed to upgrade. So, I go to newegg and pick out a cooler master hyper 6+ and I install it. After installing, I turned on the computer, and I get nothing. No post, no bios, nothing. The screen is blank, with a "no signal" displaying. The thing is though, everything had power, so I knew it wasn't a problem with the psu. The video card hs/fan was spinning, the hyper 6+ fan was spinning, all the case fans were spinning, the mobo fan was spinning, and the hdd was spinning. The other thing that I noticed was that the power light on the front was on, but the hd activity light wasn't flashing.

Then, after talking to one of my buddies, I find out that you aren't supposed to use a whole tube of thermal paste when you mount your hs. Doh! Stupid mistake, I know, but I'm still a noob at all this hardware stuff. So I took off the hyper 6+ and cleaned off the cpu and the hs. Using the little bit of thermal paste I had left, I reseated the hs and tryed it again. Still nothing. Everything had power, but I still got no bios.

So, after this I decide to try the stock hs and fan. I install that, and I still get nothing, so I decide it must be a problem with something else. First, I reset the cmos, and still nothing. Then, I reseat everything, and still nothing. At this point I give up, and switch over to the family dell which is from christmas of 1999. This thing is slow as hell... a pentium 3 930 MhZ with onboard video and a 20 gb hd. It can barely run firefox and itunes at the same time. And, you can forget gaming of any kind. I use my old hd for music and movies though.

I really want to start gaming again, but I am real low on cash. My budget is around $600 right now, and paychecks only give me lik $75 every two weeks, with the next paycheck coming next friday.
So, my options are to:
a. try and fix the computer, but at this point, its not really worth spending more than $50 usd on.

b. build an inbetween system reusing some of the parts from the old pc, and use that one until i can get enough money for a c2d system.

What do you guys think? I don't really know all that much about hardware, (but im trying to learn!) and I'm all out of ideas for trying to fix the first comp. I think I may have shorted something out on the mobo, or the cpu, but I have no idea how to test that without getting a new cpu/mobo. I really appreciate the time you guys took for reading, and thanks in advance for any help that I may recieve.

Original pc:

abit kv7 mobo

amd athlon xp 3200+

ati radeon 9800 Pro gpu

hitachi deskstar 7K160 160 Gb

audigy 2 zs soundcard

512 mg x 2 crucial ddr333 ram

And that's it. A friend built this pc for me while I watched. Guess I didn't learn too much about building pcs :oops:
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  1. oh boy... your really between a rock and a hardplace here. Your previous computer has no more upgradeability in it so basically your CPU, RAM, GPU (due to being AGP) and Mobo are garbage. At this point I was say you would be better off waiting until you get enough money to build a budget AM2 system with a low level AMD dual core. There really isnt much point at throwing more money into your old system. I hope you find a way to get what you want!
  2. Yea I know, the past few months have been pretty rough. Thanks for the advice though!
  3. A Cheap AM2 system can be done....

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+

    Mobo: Asus M2N-E

    RAM: Corsair XMS2 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR2-800

    Video Card: eVGA Geforce 7600GT

    Power Supply: Antec TruePower 480W

    And of course, the sound card can be moved to the new computer.

    Total before taxes and shipping: $587.96
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