GF 7900GTX vs. GF 7900GT...... Is price worth the benefit???

I'm in the process of updating my pc, and i was wondering if there is a huge preformance difference between 7900GTX and 7900GT with 512mb and 256mb respectivly. The only difference I could find is in COD2, with pretty high setting there was about 20 FPS difference, but in BF2 and HL2 there is basically no difference or any substancial difference.

So i was wondering if the extra $$$ is worth the preformance boost? What do you guys think? Thanks for the replies!!!!
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  1. It's not worth it IMO. Spend that money to get extra gig of RAM, so you'll have 7900GT and 2gb of RAM. Now, that's a worthy upgrade.
  2. Thats kind of what i was leaning towards, except i wanted to take the money i'd save from the Video card and put it ot a stronger processor. Thanks
  3. You could go either way... You could take advantage of the recent price drops on CPU's, but the extra gig of RAM will make BF2 and other heavy games run a bit smoother.
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