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I bought a brand new HP laptop with Windows 7 on it. I went to and saw I was only getting about a meg download and .5meg upload. I am on a 8meg down and 2 meg up connection. I did test straight off the modem and got the same speeds as off the wireless. I have 2 other laptops so I set them all up side by side. One after another I did speed tests. The laptop with XP consistently had 5 meg down and 2 meg up. The laptop with Vista consistently had 6 meg down and 2 meg up. The brand new one with Windows 7 never did better than 1.5 down but most of the time was between .7 and 1 meg. Funny thing was the upload was almost exactly the same speeds every time, .5 up. Anyone else having speed issues with Windows 7?
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  1. Not me.... 15Mbps down here, which is exactly what i'm supposed to be getting. Have you tried looking for updated network drivers?
  2. The computer is only 5 days old. It has been this slow since I started it, should I need new drivers since it is so new? I have not added any programs other than Open Office, AVG, and CCleaner.
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    It has been this slow since I started it, should I need new drivers since it is so new?

    Yes. You should have the latest drivers installed.

    At anyrate, if this is an OEM PC, did you remove all the junk that came pre installed? Also list specs/model.
  4. HP G60 Notebook
    Intel Celeron 900 @
  5. HP G60 Notebook
    Intel Celeron 900 @ 2.20GH
    3GB Ram

    No I have not removed anything. Pretty much took it out of the box, connected and put CCleaner, AVG, and Open Office on it and done nothing else except surf the web.
  6. I would still seek updated drivers for your LAN device. DO NOT go to HP's website for them though. Look at the manufacturer's website instead, as OEM's like HP tend to be a little bit behind what the manufacturer has released.
  7. ...and how are we supposed to GET those drivers when even Pareto Logic or, for example, the NVIDIA site still take literally several hours to download 1????!!!

    I finally bought this POS when my 8-yr old PC was unbearable, so you can imagine my tolerance is high, but I've owned this P.O.S. for almost 2 weeks and still: no audio, no video, no new drivers because they time out before they're 1/3 done--literally hours into it. Yes, I removed most of the (very little) pre-installed crap. Yes, I have DSL at what besides torching it is there left to do? I paid 50-plus bucks for Pareto and it's useless, too.

    Just now I was doing a blazing 12.1 KB/sec trying to download one driver. I am ready to junk this several-hundred-dollar @#$%!ing machine.
  8. a footnote:

    As I know very little about computers, I followed someone else's info here and just went to, and it says I get 1.46Mbs downloading.

    WTF??? It's 12.1 KB at most--watching it in download mgr for Mozilla.

    I even disabled most of my protections in case there were any bottlenecks due to my anti-malware programs, because I have 2 plus the factory-installed and very annoying because out-dated Norton AV.

    Please help--feeling a little crazed here---the PC is in actual danger after over a week of this!
  9. specs: eMachines ET1331G-03w
    Wdws 7 Home prem 64-bit
    6Gb DDR2 memory
    AMD Athlon 11x2 235eDual-Core Processor
    750G empty HD
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