Win7 stuck at start-up loading drivers before booting

I was attempting to run chkdsk and went into Safe Mode -- no problems discovered. However, since then whenever I boot / reboot laptop Safe Mode screens reappear. Thinking back I don't recall any guidelines from any Win7 tech sites advising turning off Safe Mode. So, I initially assumed Safe Mode automatically reverted to the prior mode -- apparently an incorrect assumption. How do I get back to Normal Windows Start Up for Win7 Home Premium x64?

I got out of Safe Mode to restart somehow -- ESC key -- I did not force quit by turning off. Since then system now starts by scrolling thru 2-3 screens of "Loading: ... (various driver drive locations / various names)" and then Win 7 login screen comes in with Password box.

Everything else is running fine now except I suspect I need to go back to boot Safe Mode screen and turn Safe Mode off -- return it back to Start Win 7 Normally. Any comments / direction would be helpful. Thanks.

Win 7 SP 1 Home Premium x-64 Toshiba L505D
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  1. Did you make any changes in MSCONFIG?

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