Just a quick D 805 question

Hey, Im running a D 805 at 3.6 ghz at 1.26V. It idles at 33 and hovers around 42 under load. Im using a Cooler Master RR-LCH-P9E1 HSF with AS5.

Im confused because the CPU is running super cool and I havent crashed once, but when I bring it any higher than 3.6 ghz, it wont even POST.

Im guessing the problem stems from the fact that the bios on this computer only has settings for the FSB, and no memory or voltage settings. The motherboard is an ECS RC410L/800-M (its very low-end Xpress 200 board). Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to get higher clocks? Is there anyway I can flash the bios so it will support those settings?
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  1. Your motherboard is holding you back... Possibly your memory too.. What sort of Ram are you running?
  2. I am guessing you got a fry's combo? I have talked to a few people on here with that same combo and 3.5ghz seems the norm. did you check if its prime95 stable?
    that is the lowest cpu voltage i have seen on that board, the d805 spec is for 1.35 i think? are you using speed fan to verify voltage?its funny that you can even get to 3.6ghz. out of three boards i was only able to get a to 3.6ghz and its voltage was 1.38v.
    You cant do much more and should be pleased with that high of an overclock.

    I did do a volt mod to one of my boards and got around 1.44 volts. it lasted a good 2~3 months before it gave me issues with post. aeven with the volt mod you are limited to ~3.7Ghz before losing the sata drive's.
  3. Yeah its probably the mobo people are having pretty good luck with the C19 from ECS. I dont know anything about your bourd maybe there is a newer BIOS ?

    I just checked the newest BIOS is 4 months old but if you havent updated since you got it then it might help a little ?

    here is the direct link for your mobo I think lol

  4. Running two 512 MB DIMMs of G.Skill Extreme Series.

    Im running linux on the computer in question, so I cant run any of the applications you are talking about.

    I bought the parts on newegg.

    I did stress-test it for about an hour with a program designed for that. I have had no instability.

    I did have Windows installed on it before and checked the temps and voltages. They are consistant with the ones I have in linux and the ones in the bios. -- In the bios, which I believe runs one process full bore with no idling, which means 50% processor usage on the 805, it reads 1.28V. In the OS, the VCore goes from 1.3V at idle to 1.26V at full load.

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