2 x GeForce 7950GX2 powering 4 displays

I am about to start a software project OpenGL based for which I need to specify the hardware. I need to power 4 displays simultaneously from a single PC. Each display must have hardware accelerated 3D. I am planning to have a PC build with a Intel core 2 Due E6700 and two 7950GX2 cards inside.

I understand that quad SLI is not yet fully supported and that is fine but will it work to power four displays via the 2 x 2 DVI outputs?

What I did find, is this old article from 2004 http://www.tomshardware.com/2004/11/23/nvidia/page31.html which suggest this should be possible today.

Obviously I expect all 4 GPU's to perform some of the work.

What are your thoughts on this.
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  1. I'm kind of confused. Are you doing something like playing four games at once and you want them to play at great frame rates?

    So you are doing four extremely GPU-intensive tasks? It should work , but I'm not sure if it will exactly do what you want. I'm not sure how to tell the computer to tell each GPU to work on one monitor...

  2. No games. I am writing an OpenGL based program that needs to drive 4 3D views one for each monitor for a simulator.
  3. So you want a GPU working on each display? You do NOT want SLi then, just making sure.

    What you need is to find a board with four PCI-e X16 slots.... The Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal is one of them. Sckt 775, though. You plug in four cards, no SLi bridges, do NOT enable SLi in the OS or BIOS, plug a monitor into each card. Should work..

    I checked on the BIOS updates, it might work with Core 2 Duo, inquire with Gigabyte before hand.

  4. You'll have to disable SLI to use all 4 monitors and doing that will only enable one GPU per board; instead you should get 7900GTXs and run two monitors on each; overclock them if you need to for some added power.
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