PSU about to die or just a cold boot issue

The problem started one morning when it would not boot, I mean, not even turn on after I had cut the AC to it overnight.......After cutting it again, goign downstairs, to get tools to remove it (just in case it was broken) I came up and just before doing so, gave it AC again, and it turned failure while using it either. After cutting the power several times (switching off the surge protector) and then turning it on again, it all worked fine. Now there has been some heat waves higher then usual, but some mornings, it would not turn on right away..... I even testedit wit ha PS tester and only one light came on. So I turn on the fan to cool off the room, go take a shower, come back, and whatdya know, it turns on... So now I don't cut the power to the PS, and this problem has not returned just yet.

Are high temps causing this, or is my PS failing, cuz this has not happened before. Should I just replace the PS?
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  1. Quote:
    Should I just replace the PS?

    whats ur PS?
  2. If there has been a heat wave, you might have just had a power loss at the time that you first tried to turn on the computer, or a brownout, or something else that caused the psu not to power up the computer. keep in mind that if there isn't enough AC power, the psu won't work as designed.

    That said, you might have a dying psu and the heat wave just agravated the problem. As Pengwin wrote, what's you present psu, brand and wattage? Then a better answer might be forthcoming.
  3. EnerMax

    350 WATT

  4. should be fine.
  5. OK. a good brand name. You might need a bit more power, but probably not. The psu might, however, dying none the less. Check it out for proper voltages. As before, also try rolling back the drivers on your graphics card to an earlier one that worked and see what happens.
  6. this in itself might not be feasible, maybe too much of a hassle... but, if you have a spare psu lying around, even from another computer, you could switch them temporarily, see if that alleviates the issue with cold booting not working properly (which would mean it would be the psu then)... ...could be your surge protector, or a particular ac outlet youre using, try using different ones maybe(?)... clear the cmos battery even.
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