MS MCE keyboard running on XP Pro

Hi guys

Can an MS MCE keyboard be configured to run on XP Pro? I am building my own PVR and dont want to use Media Centre.

I read somewhere that the mouse drivers have been 'ported' - wondering if this applied to the keyboard as well?

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  1. *BUMP* - anyone?
  2. The easiest way imho is to check MS’s site. If they have an official XP driver for it then it should work. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend using some user modified driver.

    Edit: A quick search on the Microsoft hardware site gave me this:
  3. pretty sure the specs say MCE 2005 required. Like the OS it's not that great. Check this one out.
  4. Quote:
    pretty sure the specs say MCE 2005 required.

    Funny thing is that the MS site provides an XP driver for it. I think the best thing for the OP to do is to send them an e-mail.
  5. Well, it does say the updates are for MCE. But I did try downloading, when I ran them, sure enough, they complained that the OS was not MCE version.

    Someone must have got around this..its just another HID for heavens sake. Why make it OS specific?

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