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So im finally looking to upgrade my old P4 northwood. I have built lots of computers before and always keep up to date with new parts and components however I have never dipped my toes into the world of overclocking. I have a final budget of 1500CND so that would be about 1320CND before taxes (I hate paying 14% tax...). I ideally would like to OC a E6400 to 2.8 (hopefully higher) on this budget, but I also understand I may not make it that far with these components. Id just like some comments and advice on what kinda performance I could get out of this (I do lots of gaming) and how I could improve my system. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (before taxes!) and would be picked up from local shops around me.

CPU: E6400 294.99
Mobo: Abit AB9 184.99 or Gigabyte DS3 174.95 or Asus P5B 174.95
GPU: BFG 7900GT 269.99 (through a crazy deal at!)
HDD: WD Caviar 16MB 250GB 97.00 (also have an old HDD I can throw in for storage)
PSU: Antec TruePower 2.0 480Watt 95.00
Ram: (I need some guidence here) 2GB Adata PC2-4200 4-4-4-12 215.99 (based on the anandtech article) or 2GB OCZ PC2-4200 4-4-4-8 210.95
Case: Antec P180 154.99 or Thermaltake Armor JR 141.95

Using the Abit mobo, Adata ram and Antec case this comes out to 1312.95 and after taxes 1496.76.

I have monitor, DVD drive, mouse, keyboard ect.

Just some comments and advice would be awesome, thanks!
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  1. Swap the ram for this set

    Price Match the Antec P180 with this page
  2. thanks for the advice... keep it all comming
  3. I would also swap that hard Drive for this Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB SATA2
  4. thanks, hopefully i get this all built come school time
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