how do u underclock/volt CPU

I have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 2.08GHz and a Shuttle SK43G.
What do I need to adjust to make this CPU run cooler?

PCHealth says core = 1.52
AGP = 1.53

in BIOS Frequency I have
CPU ratio = auto , X9 - X22.5 (Idon't know what this is at all)
CPU clock = 166, 100-233 any numbers at all
CPU voltage select=Auto
DIMM select=Auto
AGP select=Auto

I set the clock to 100, I don't know what else to change.
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  1. What are your temps then?
  2. the temps aren't bad, its just heating up the room and i don't think i need that much power for a PVR
  3. Do you want us to help or not? I was asking for a reason.

    Socket A's tend to get pretty hot. But to help you out, it would be really great to know what your little patient's status is. Run some diagnostic tool like AsusProbe, check the average temp on your CPU and the MB. Tell us.

    Then we could be able to help...
  4. You could lower your bus speed. Another possibility is to lower the multiplier (but I"m not sure if that's allowed your with that CPU or not). From there you can lower the voltage, more than likely.

    On my athlon 64 3000, I"m running at 1.36v. Not sure if that's stock or not....DFI's tool implies that 1.5v is default.

    I think I use to undervolt my celeron 300 in the old days (and still OCed it).
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