How 2 underclock AMD 2800+

I built an HTPC using have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ and a Shuttle SK43G. It pumps out too much heat. What do I need to adjust to make this CPU run cooler?

in the Shuttle BIOS
PCHealth says core = 1.52
AGP = 1.53

in BIOS Frequency I have
CPU ratio = [auto] , X9 - X22.5 (Idon't know what this is at all)
CPU clock = [166], 100-233 any numbers at all
CPU voltage select=[Auto]
DIMM select=[Auto]
AGP select=[Auto]

I set the clock to 100, I don't know what else to change.
Any help available?
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  1. Set a 8x (this is your "new" multiplier), and leave at 166 the mem. That should give you a speed of 1.064Mhz. I think it will be enough for you.
  2. what are the temps??? thats not a really hot chip. it should be fine. have u tryed just sticking another fan somewhere in there.
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