How to restrict internet speed to users on a LAN?

I have a 128k DSL connection shared between 4 users in a flat. The 4 clients connect to a stand-alone DSL modem router / switch combination.

I would like to be able to restrict the speed at which each client can actually use the internet, so as to prevent an individual client maxing out the bandwidth and making the web unusable for everyone else. The router I have doesn't offer any feature that would do this.

I would be interested in any solution, either software installed on each client to actively restrict the speed at which that computer uses the network or the web, or a hardware device put between the clients and the modem...

Any ideas?

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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">Perhaps this?</A>

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  2. Yeah that might be useful if I setup things to run thru a single computer, which I'd rather avoid cos the router is stand alone....

    Any software which is clientside rather than serverside?
  3. You could try lowering the RWIN settings on the client PCs. They would have to be pretty low, and it's experimental, but it may work.

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