somebody please give some help or advice (this not pc build)

hey every1 i jus joined and wanted to see if every1 here is as helpful as people say.

i recently (4 hrs ago) bought a cooler for a laptop cpu.
now, i wanted to mod my video card with this cooler as it has the right shape etc but one major problem. the power connector has 3 pins but its not the system 3-pin type. its small.

if anyone kows how i can convert this into a useable connector, please help.

if anyone has any ideas about waht can be done, it will be appreciated.

(please dnt reply with stupid n00b replies such as: whyd you buy it, give it back etc., cause unlike many of you lzy shits im bothered to try new things)
ps. how do i post images i thik that may help most :o
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  1. Are you saying the graphics card had a small 3 pin connector for the fan yes? If so it would simply be a case of cutting the wires and reaataching them to the new heatsink/fan. However this could cause massive problems as the graphics card my not have been designed for the load your new cooler may put on it (i.e. the new fan my draw a lot more power than the old one). So you could end up destroying it.

    Im not exactly sure what u are trying to do here so a little more info would be nice. What do u mean by laptop cooler?
  2. I assume you mean the fan has a connector that isn't compatiable with your system. If the fan you just bought is 12 volts(should be marked on fan or package) cut the connector off and then get a 3 or 4 pin connector from another fan and solder or crimp the wires to it. The yellow wire is 12 volts, the back is ground and the third one is for fan speed reporting(not used on 4 pin molex connector). If the fan is 5 or 7 volts connect the power lead to the red wire on one of those 4 pin molex connectors. This will provide it with 5 vdc and then black to ground. You could rig it up to plug right into the video card(if it has a power connector) but like the other guy said you will need to be sure you don't exceed the cards voltage or current specifications for the connector that's why pluging straight into the mobo or power supply is you best shot as they are capable of delivering much more current. Hope this helps, lets us know if you have any more questions.
  3. thx guys for the advice, im going to try wat illinKevin sugested. yes the fan is 5v so i should beable to just cut it off and attatch it to the cord. (ill get my dad to do it xD).

    the card im modding is a nvidia6200 (yes i kno, wtF) and im trying to reach higher clock speeds/give it that pro uber leet look.

    laptop cooler, well i still havent got the pictures up yet but its like the cooler on the nvidia7800series cept its not got the see through pannel.

    btw, do i have to upload the pictures to a site then put it here as url?
  4. I never thought about this but you could ask around for some unused stock coolers from faster cards. I have one off a 6800 and 2 for the 7900. Those might attach without mods and I'll give them to you if you want.
  5. haha, thanks man that WOULD be nice except, that i live in australia and i guess it may be sorta hard to get it. thanks for the offer anyways..

    when you said unused, how?
    i dnt kno where i could get them from, unless computer shops sell them?
    im like under 15 so like, i dnt have alota money to buy 3rd party coolers etc.

    me and mah dad are gonna try taht wire thing today/tmrw and ill tell you how it goes =]

    thanks alot for you help on this very much appreciated
  6. When I said unused I didn't mean new I ment ones people pulled off and arn't useing any more. Unused probably wasn't the best word, probably isn't even a word. I just know a lot of people replace the stock cooler so there has to be plenty around.

    Good luck on your Mod.
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