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My home PC has a Pentium D 840 and I am searching for the best option for a new CPU fan. I want to stick with air cooling and have a large case (Lian Li). Currently the fan I have cools the CPU to between 140 and 160 F (60-71 C), and I really want to lower this as much as possible. Thoughts or recommendations? Thanks :D
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  1. Many CPU aftermarket fans come with heatsinks. Zalman is regarded as one of the very best heatsink/fans CPU coolers. Zalman uses the motherboard model as reference for which particular model of Zalman cooler works on your board.

    You can check your board here to see if this Zakman cooler will work:
  2. I think thats too hot for a D840. What is the room temp. anyway? I can recommend you the thermaltake big typhoon or zalman Fatal1ty. They are the best on the market as far as I know.
  3. There are companies like Antec, Vantec & CoolerMaster which can help your problem. But make sure you have a powerful PSU in the first place, because the better your fan is, the more power it consumes. A weak PSU make cause a lot of problems. Get a True 450W or 550W PSU. ColorsIT is a good PSU company if you need to know.

    Hope you are satisfied with this reply.
  4. Any of the big coolers from Thermaltake, Thermalright, Zalman, ect..... will work nicely. Just check with the heatsink manufacture to make sure it is compatiable. The nice thing about useing a 120mm fan on the cooler is it also cools down the components around the cpu socket as well. Let us know what board you have and we can give you more specific recomendations.
  5. Thanks all for the advice. I have 550W PSU and an ASUS P5WD2 Premium Motherboard with 1 GB Ram. I am considering the Zalman CNPS9500 LED. I also read using artic silver 5 will help lower the temp. The room temp is normally between 75 and 80 F (24 - 26.5 C). Any feedback on the Zalman would be appreciated. As for the T-lake Big Typhoon, it seems too big and too heavy. Thoughts? Thanks again for helping the rookie! :D
  6. According to Zalman's web site there is no problems with useing that cooler on that board and from what I've herd on this forum that cooler performs well. I think that setup would be good way to go.
  7. Hello Lostnasia!

    Go to this weblink

    There are several comments regarding heatsinks such as the Zalman. I do not consider myself an expert, but please read my comments about the Zalman 9500AT ................ it's the 12th one down - author: TVL
  8. Thermaltake Big Typhoon and Artic Silver 5 is what I had in cooling my Pentium D 840 before. It's a very huge cooler but like you said you have a Lian Li so this cooler will fit inside. Anyways there's a new upcoming version of this Big Typhoon which is the Big Typhoon VX and it is much easier to install the cooler without removing the mobo. So if you can't wait for the new version then get the Big Typhoon or a Zalman 9500.
  9. I have a Zalman 9500 on my Pentium D 805, and at stock speeds and voltage it hits about 35 degrees at full load.

    Its an amazing cooler, when installed correctly with the proper amount of Arctic Silver 5, and I'm very happy with it.

    Its also pretty damn quiet, to the extent that I dont even have the included fan speed controller connected, it just runs at 12v.
  10. Thanks again. I am going to purchase the Zalman 9500 LED and some artic silver 5. The tip on the grain of rice was awesome. I will repost with the results as soon as I get it done. Wish me luck! 8O
  11. Hey, any results yet? I just purchased a Pentium D configuration and have the same issues...My temperature stays at 55 C when the computer is idle. And the temperature jumps if I start doing things...I need to cools this down as much as possible:)
  12. Hi edinuser! I now have the equipment on order. I ordered it from MWAVE and should have it in a week (l live overseas). Once I install it, I will get back to all of you. 55 C is cooler than mine, but I agree that is still hot. Hang in there, I will let you and every one know. :)
  13. Yeah my friend has the CNPS9500, which I gave him for his birthday, on his overclocked Opty 165 and it always stays cool. You feel the fins and they don't feel a degree above room temperature. He's got it set so that the cpufan comes on at something like 30 degrees and when he's not gaming, it never ever comes on, and when he is gaming, it only comes on intermittently, sometimes just turning on and off a few times every minute or so. It's a good one indeed, and it's quiet too.
  14. Hi "edinuser",
    I had the temps

    Idle 59C
    Load 63-69C (sometimes 70C)
    CaseTemps 40C

    I have moded my case a bit and now my temps are

    Idle 52C
    Load 60-63C
    Case Temp 35-39C

    Check Out My Mod

    My Simple Stupid Mods
  15. A lot of dust in Pakistan. Glad my computer don't live there.
  16. Its not that dusti in here. Its the room where my pc is located. Its an old room made of bricks, mudd and wood. And its dusty because I am to lazy to clean it.
  17. Okay, I got the parts in (Zalman 9500 and AS5). I followed the instructions provided as well as the notes from everyone who contributed to the forum. Initial results are positive. Idle 54 versus 61 and load at 58 versus 71. I am satisfied. Also, the fan is quite...very quite at full rpm.

    Some notes: The fan is almost always at full rpm - even in idle; when I applied the AS5, I used a razor blade to spread it vice allowing the heatsink to spread it with compression. This was per the advice of TVL; I have an ASUS P5WD2 MB and this did not require the back plate that comes with the zalman...the MB has a metal plate already installed on the this means removing the MB is not necessary.

    Thanks again all...if there are any changes, I will post again. :D
  18. You did it right your not gonna beat that load temp for a smithfield core. To slow the fan down most Asus boards have "Q fan" where you can control the fans voltage in the bios or your zalman fan should have come with a fan speed controller (little black box with a knob on it). Either method will slow the fan down just watch the temps too make sure they don't go too high.
  19. Hi All. I replaced the Masscool fan with Zalman CNPS8000. Now the temp in idle is 43-46 and under extreme load on both cores (testing with cpuburn-in) jumps above 60. Much better than before. Also, I did a lot of research and it turns out that the "embedded" sensors are not very accurate. I have Intel D945GPMLKR mainboard. It does not report the temp correctly. Other users have been able to heat the processor up to 90C before it shuts down. Pentium D burns at around 70C. I personally have loaded it to go up to 75C (with the Masscool fan). I am not measuring the temp any more:) I will use the processor at full load and if it burns, it burns. I will replace it with a cooler one. Thank you for replying to my message above.
  20. Hey guys. Just signed up because I was googling about a similar problem. I just bought a Intel D945PWMML MB with a Pentium D 840 3.2ghz processor and am running into some heat issues. I just put this together and have very little installed and its been at least 6 years since i've payed any attention to hardware and even longer since i built a machine so perhaps my fears were unwarranted but i think not. so, on idle (in bios) i'm averaging about 68C on the processor and 44C internally. I was reading that I probably want to keep this much cooler than that. Especially since I bought this machine to do video/audio editing and will be working the processor as hard as possible. I have a cheap Ultra Fire Socket 775 fan that supports processors up to 3.8ghz (runs at 3600rpm max), a Silverstone 120mm rear fan on average running 1500rpm and a little 90mm fan in the side of the case (Power Up Silver 2526 Atx case). I had always planned on buying a second 120mm fan for the front to get a good cross breeze through there and will be doing so this weekend but I'm wondering what would be the best cpu fan to keep this puppy cool, calm, and collective. I looked into the Zalman but I'm not really sure what to base anything on beyond rpm and how much air it can move. I realize the heat sink is more important than the fan but I have no idea how to judge those. Any help would be great. And I'm glad I was shown this site.
  21. Im running a Pentium D 840 and experienced temperatures as high as 87 degrees celcius when both processors were maxed.

    I switched to an Antec 900 case and an Arctic Freezer 7 pro CPU cooler and the cpu temperature is in the 40s celcius when idleing and around 62 degrees when both cpus are running at max.

    The Freezer 7 pro idles around 400 rpm most of the time but will kick up to 1200 rpm when the CPU is maxed out. The CPU fan can go as high as 2900 rpm on the Freezer Pro 7. My Intel D945GPM does not increase the CPU cooler fan until the CPU temperature get above 60 degrees Celsius.
  22. I picked up the Freezer 7.... needless to say I dropped about 10C!! Now all I need is a good mb monitoring software to check levels and control fans and I'm golden. I downloaded Motherboard Monitor but that hasn't been updated since '04 and could not find any support for my motherboard. I am running Speedfan now but the temperature is about 10C difference from the BIOS levels. Before you ask though, I am running 10C cooler from checking levels in BIOS. I have factored in the difference for the software. I was running 70C and am now running between 57-61C. Also, the fan design is great. With it sideways pointing out the back I can get a good steady flow of air from front to back instead of having the swirl of confusion with the old one that blew out from the cpu to the side panel.
  23. Are those temperatures at Idle or maximum CPU?

    What does Speedfan show your Freezer Pro Fan RPM at?

    What case do you have?

    I have the D945GPM motherboard and the bios shows about 15 degrees celsius higher than speedfan at idle. I think the bios keeps one of the processors at 100% and that is why the CPU temperature is my bios does not match speedfan.
  24. those temperatures are not at idle but not max processor usage. the other day i was running multiple apps and it maxed out at 72C. this was before i installed the new cooler or speedfan. the fan is constantly changing speed but generally around 900rpm though it has gone up as far as 1350rpm. i have a 120mm in the back at 1350rpm and there is a small 90mm fan in the side of the case but it is not connected to the motherboard so i cant tell the rpm and its at a steady speed.

    I have a Power Up ATX mid-tower.
  25. It sounds like your running just a tad warmer than I am.

    I have another gig of memory, a OCZ 700w power supply and a XFX 7600GS video card that should be here tommorrow.

    That should add another 35 watts to my case but I am wondering if going from single channel memory to dual channel memory will reduce processor wait states and cause my Pentium D 840 chip to run hotter.

    I will do some heat benchmarks just before I change each piece of hardware and see what each change of hardware does to my temperatures.
  26. i need to get a bigger psu. i've only got a 400w in this machine now.

    also, since putting in the new cooler i am running around 46-50C (idle to work). with the cpu fan rpm right near 910 most of the time. i have another 5.25 fan setup coming soon that should pull a little more air through the front of the machine and probably take off a few degrees.
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