A proper PSU

Hey guys,
Once again I need your help :wink:

I recently bought a BFG GForce 7800GS OC and seconds before I plugged it in, I remembered my PSU is too weak.. Anyway, A quick glance at the BFG website and I found this:
A minimum 400W system power supply (with 12V current rating of 20A or more)

Now this is freaking me out cause I found a lot of PSUs in online stores in my area but none were 12V / 20A+.
So, I come to you for some help... Help!

Oh and btw, I was wondering what are the more reliable PSU companies out there so I could keep an eye out for them..

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I was walking around the street and found a nice small computer store. When I asked them about a Power supply, they showed me a 520W by a company called Sunshine (wtf? >.>) that had a 12V / 20A with a year's warrenty. Question is: Should I buy it? (It's really cheap compared to the others I've been looking at)

EDIT2: After another quick glance inside my computer, I found out that my current PSU is a Sunshine and it's still holding after 3 years. Any thoughts? Anyone? >.>
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  1. Yeah. Right.

    Sunshine my ass, it'll blow a hole in ur roof when it explodes and then u'll have sunshine.


    if u can drop 50 bucks, its a great PSU.

    when they say 20+ amps them mean the combines 12v rails.

    If you go witht he PSU i recommended u'd be able to use it for future upgrades/a new rig
  2. Thanks for the reply, although I have a small problem.
    Newegg does not ship outside of the US...so, I can't use newegg.

    However, I found a website that lists all the products that are availible through online stores in my area and I have these companies:


    and two or three more totally unknown manufacturers.

    I must add that even though some stores hold these products, most of what you see on newegg and the such is not availible for me because of limited stock of hardware in my area.
    However, I thank you for trying to help me and I hope that with your help I can find the PSU that's right for me.
    Thanks in advance, once again.
  3. Okay, I found this PSU. It's availible to me and it's pretty cheap I might add.
    The question is, will this work with my 3-4 y/o system and my newly aquired 7800GS OC (AGP) ?

    EDIT: Sorry bout double post >.<
    I was nervous. :roll:

    EDIT2: BTW, It comes with a 2 year warrenty.
  4. I'd like to know the specs for the rest of your system, but, I guess that Thermaltake PSU is pretty much enough for you 7800GS. :wink:
  5. At max load that PSU has 10amps on one raila nd 15 on the other (for a combined 25amps). It may power your system but you would be borderline (especially if BFG recommends 20amps). That leaves you with 5 amps for everything else (that isn't much).

    If you intend on having a PSU that will serve you for future useage consider this: According to PC Watch, the forthcoming g80 processor is reported to demand 175 watts (not on load) and the r600 is supposed to need 200 watts. Most certainly, they will require a minimum of 17amps at idle. That being said, don't get a PSU with less than a dual 12v rail and make certain it doesn't average less than 17amps per or you'll be back here asking why your system is having problems.
  6. Alrighty then, my rig:

    Perl mobo (old >.>)
    P4 2.4GHz HT proccessor
    80 GB HD
    2x256mb Samsung RAM
    DVD Drive
    CD-R Plextor Drive
    230v Sunshine PSU :roll:
    a Geforce4 4200Ti 256mb GPU ---> 7800GS OC(once I get my power supply)

    That's from the top of my head so I might've forgotten somthing...

    Anyway, Thanks for the aproval on the PSU, Imma gonna order it on the 1st of Aug once my paycheck gets in 8)

    EDIT: @Phreejak
    That shouldn't worry me. I figure I can push this system to the limits (with a bit of modding) and it'll serve me well 2-3 more years.
  7. the psu you listed should work fine. it has an extra 6 pin molex
    to power a pci x card.
    it would be a min psu to use but should work fine.
  8. Thanks guys.
    I found out I got some money left in my account so I'm gonna order it in a few minutes..
    Any last minute regrets or thoughts anyone wants to share?
  9. Quote:
    At max load that PSU has 10amps on one raila nd 15 on the other (for a combined 25amps). It may power your system but you would be borderline (especially if BFG recommends 20amps). That leaves you with 5 amps for everything else (that isn't much).

    no. BFG recommends 20 amps total for your system, not 20 amps for 1 video card.

    that PSU will be fine
  10. oh my bad, I misunderstood what he said
  11. Okay guys, Thanks for everything! My order is pending and in 2-6 days I'll get my PSU straight to the doorstep.

    Once again, Thank you all. Couldn't have dont it without you guys!
  12. Always glad to help. :wink:
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