Explorer folder view won't update in real-time, Windows 7.

I'm not too sure how I should describe this problem yet.. But I'll try. Hopefully it will make some sense.

You know how when you make changes inside a folder or any directory under windows 7 using explorer, updates, new files downloaded, any changes will reflect in that folder listing/view instanteously, without you having to hit the "refesh" button on the address bar to see what changes took place in that folder.

My problem is with the new Fantom Drive ext USB HDD I bought. Anything I do inside that drives folder hiearchy of files. Like downloading new files from firefox, or unraring a bunch of archives; all changes will not show until I go manually hit the folder refresh button every time.

Why is that not automatic? Like it is with my main internal C Drive, and my other ext usb LaCie HDD.

Anyone ever come across this? Is there some other setting I need to activate on the drive?

any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Is there any chance that the drive is formatted using FAT instead of NTFS? I'm not sure if that would account for it, but it might be a possibility.
  2. Thanks for the tip. But my drive is formatted in NTFS.

    And I actually resolved this issue in the meantime. I'm embarrassed to say that a simple reboot of Windows 7 fixed everything, I usually never reboot unless I have updates for Windows, so rebooting didn't come to mind.

    So if a moderator sees this, please close this thread as it is no longer needed. Thanks.
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