PSU failure?

The other day I went to turn on my computer and the lights on the front of the case came on for a split second like it was going to boot up but then they went out and the comp didnt boot. I turned the psu off for a sec then tried to turn it back on and it made this constant noise like it was turning itself on and off. I havent even had it for a year. Its an Antec SP-450. This almost defintely sounds like a bad psu, but I was just wondering if anyone had seen something similar to this before I rma it. Too bad I dont have an extra psu to jump in.

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
Athlon 64 3700
Bfg Geforce 6600
1 gig ram OCZ
80gig sata HD
sony dvd-rom drive
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  1. could be many things. but that noise...i dunno
  2. If the noise is comming from inside the PSU it probably went bad.
  3. I know it sounds silly, but is the power plug all the way in at the back?
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