Slow hard drive.

Hi Guys,

A couple of days ago, my hard drive, maxtor 250 gigs, start to act curiously. It's like it stop running for a second or two and restart. The specific sound like a cd rom but there is none in my system.
Everything is really slowing down. Loading a standard screen may take several second where it tooks only 1 before.

I tried to restore the registry to a prior date, before the problem, nop.
I tried different virus detestor, nope.
I tried a chkdsk, nope.

OS Win XP Pro SP2
HD Maxtor 250 Gigs at 50% usage
Ram 782 Megs

I thank you in advance for your support.

Any suggestion?
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  1. Try to run some of the Maxtor disk Utilities. It drills down into low level diagnostics, if you think there is drive failure or degradation then you should see it with the utility. Also, check you event logs, there may me some disk event warnings there from SMART another operation.
  2. Check in device manager and make sure the hd is using DMA mode and not PIO mode.
  3. Hi
    Im searching on the internet because of the same problem mentioned above. My hard drive has been acting up for over a week now.. and the same thing sometimes we hear a noise thats like you had a CD in... but we dont. Its not the sound you hear when the drive is working, the 'whirring'.. its more like the same kind of sound you hear when a cdrom is having trouble reading a disc or something. Theres no clunking, nothing.. no sounds Ive seen described when peeps talk about the hard drive actually failing. This sound is not constant at all, it actually is maybe once every few days.

    It takes a long time to load things.
    Ive done a virus scan and spyware scan.. I did a system restore point back to last September just to make sure and that didnt help.

    When I check the task manager, system idle process is barely getting anything.. even taskmgr.exe is taking up like ex: 35.

    I tried shutting down all processes that didnt need to be running. Under the Performance tab the CPU says 100% which Ive read elsewhere that this is not supposed to be so.

    My stats are:
    computer bought new april 2002
    win xp
    512mb ram
    80gb Maxtor 4D080H4 hard drive
    1.6ghz processor
    replaced power supply several months ago

    In reference to the above suggestions, I have no idea where to go or how to find out if the HD is under DMA or PIO. I went to Device Manager.. and I assume from there went to 'properties'.. didnt see anything.
    As for Maxtor disk Utilities... you've got me there.. Ive never seen that anywhere.
    I dont have another computer to check the HD on.. and preferrably Id like to open the computer only once, and that is to replace the bugger if it is bad.
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