im desperate please help :(

well its my first post ever , ill try to make it simple, i have a problem with my x850pro agp, when plug in cards power cable and i turn the computer on, it will shutdown after 5 secs and 1 half second after it will turn on again by itself to repeat the pattern.. but if i dc the power cable i doesnt shutdown.... and it sends me to the screen that tell u to connect the power cable of the video card...

i connected my old videocard that doesnt need extra power from the psu and it started ok, then i turned it off and the second time it rebooted 5 secs after the power was on, then it turned itself on and i dont know why i pressed pause and it went fine to windows..

i dont know what happening , im really confused my x850 its 5 months old and i dont think its time for it to die....

any suggenstions will be apreciated, thanks :D
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  1. What are the specs, and the power supply?
  2. specs

    ASRock 775i65G

    2 80GB ATA133 HDDs Seagate & Maxtor
    1 40GB ATA100 HDD Maxtor

    Two Sticks of 512MB DDR RAM PC3200

    ATI RADEON X850pro 256 AGP

    Intel Pentium 4 530, 3000 MHz (15 x 200)

    PSU its a generic thing, Omega, i hate it i want a new one, but that was the only one i could find right now
    supposedly to be 500W
  3. It's most likely the PSU. You can get a good $60 Fortron Source power supply, which will be a big upgrade.

    Don't let its price fool you, Fortron Source makes excellent PSUs.
  4. ill get a new psu as soon as i can, since im not from the US, its kinda hard to find brand psu in my country, something else i forgot to say, that before it did boot up with the x850pro , but since it was kinda over heating i shut down the pc and opened the side pannel and after that the problem started with my video card, i tought it was some kind of wiring problems . and before i had a raid max psu, but it got messed up by some powerloss even with ups ... and my mobo died to so i bought the new mobo and that cheapo psu .... T_T
  5. Before you go out and spend money on upgrades/component replacements do this:

    Swap the power connectors between your CD/DVD drive your video card. It may be a bad wire. If your PC boots fine your CD/DVD drive may not work right but at least your PC will be usable until you find a replacement PSU.

    Post back your results. If this does not help you boot the PC we'll try something else.

    My approach is - before replacing suspect components, try everything else first...

    Good luck
  6. i kinda try everything, i took the y wire the card have and just conected one from a HDD and same thing T_T
  7. ok, do this. Test your videocard in someone elses computer if possible, if not then.... you're screwed on that part.

    but if it is your power supply that is causing your PC to reboot then there are a few brands that I would recommend.

    1. Antec
    2. Cooler Master
    3. Silverstone
    4. Enermax
    5. PC Power & Cooling

    hope that helps.
  8. thanks ! ill try tomorrow testin my card on someone else pc, and ill try to get a branded psu , i hope i get to find one in here
  9. Quote:
    i kinda try everything, i took the y wire the card have and just conected one from a HDD and same thing T_T

    If the wire is bad then swapping the connector between the video card and your hard disk is a bad idea (especially if you used the wire from your hard disk where your Windows is installed.) That's why I suggested that you use the CD/DVD drive wire.

    Also, if the wire is bad and you used the second molex on the same "Y" it would not do you any good. Each PSU has at least two 12V rails. Use the other one.

    Trying the card in someone else's machine is a good idea though. If the card is like 5-6 months and malfunctions you may be able to have it replaced by the vendor.
  10. i think replacing will be hard, because i dont live in the us, i bought it there...
    i think the only hope right now its to test it on another computer...

    but you know what, when i installed my old ati 9600pro, the pc rebooted after 5 secs then when it turned on itself i presed pause for some reason and it entered allright, and right now im with my old card

    its wierd problem...
  11. Yeah you're psu can't handle the load so you need to get a more wattage psu to run your pc stable.
  12. i made the psu to boot with the card once before i moved the cables
    then it didnt boot anymore, it was able to power it up but something not right
  13. Quote:
    Yeah you're psu can't handle the load so you need to get a more wattage psu to run your pc stable.

    Not wattage; amperage. Even if the PSU really makes 500 watts (something which I highly doubt), if there aren't enough amps on the 12V rail, the video card won't get enough power. Wattage = amps * volts. If the PSU has 15 amps on the 12V rail, then multiply 15*12. That means that theoretically there are 180 watts available on the 12V rail. But if the voltage isn't stable , there can be either more or less than that because you'd be multiplying 15 by a different number.
  14. HI. If you had a fried mobo and had to replace it, did you use the parts that came off the fried one?

    I had a mobo that got fried and 2 sticks of RAMBUS RAM and my comp would turn on, then 2 minutes later would turn off. I unplugged EVERYTHING CEPT the video card (which works on a nother machine fine) and would do the same thing in the bios screen. I ended up buying a new Mobo and ram.(it was the same price as a stick of 256 MB of Rambus RAM.)

    I would unplug everything cept the HDD with windows on it, then try and see if it turns off. also try one RAM stick in at a time, to check to see if you have a fried RAM stick.

    If nothing changes, and the video card is bad on another machine, then bad video card. If it works fine in another comp, you may have bad PSU, but i doubt it.
  15. Change your PSU it's the source if the problem for sure
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