Conroe Build but need to save some cash....

This is the system I want to make but I dont really want to go over 1350 USD. This would be my ideal system any suggestions on saving some cash for the same or slightly less profomance would be great. I will be overclocking however I dont think I will do it instantly maybe a month or 2 down the road.

CPU: $340


Case:$150 $120 after rebate. Thermaltake Armor Series full tower Should i just go for a mid tower?

GPU: $355 Sapphire X1900XT 512mb GDDR3 pci-e x16


RAM: $199 $159 after rebate. OCZ Gold 2GB 1x2

HDD: $99 SeaGate 320gig 7200rpms. Only going to get one for now then raid it later down the road.

OS: $138 XP PRO with SP2 OEM

total comes to about 1600 without shipping anyway I can keep this profomance or slightly lower it and save near 250 or should i just spend the extra bit of cash for this killer system?
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  1. I really like the fact of the 4mb cache but its something i can take into consideration...

    Another thing is seeing as there isnt an e6600 for sale will the asus motherboard drop in price or is there any word of better cheaper motherboards coming out within the next 1-2 weeks that should be avalible when the cpus are?
  2. Looks good, and like prozac said, swap the P5W DH for either:

    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3

    Abit AB9 Pro

    Asus P5B

    Dropping to the E6300 is another option, but like you, I find the 4MB of cache to be very tempting.
  3. Out of those the Asus P5B looks like the only one than can handle a resonable overclock know of any reviews of it with a conroe processor? It looks like it the 110 bucks saving might be worth it...

    Another thing is im not playing any games which require such a gpu atm becuase its summer time and id rather go outside however my old amd dual 1800mp's took a dump a month ago and i have nothing, i would be willing to spend the extra cash for the 1900 if it will last awhile but id be more willing to get a bottom end gpu then upgrade to a dx10 card in 4 months for around 300.
  4. In that case.... go for an eVGA Geforce 7600GT for now, and then upgrade to a DX 10 card when they show up.
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