6800 GS unstable when running 3D -can anyone help?


I have recently upgraded by computer with a new AGP GeForce 6800 GS (Exact model is a Gainward BLISS GeForce 6800 GS "Golden Sample" 512MB GDDR3 TV-Out/DVI (AGP)).

The card installs with no probs and runs Windows perfectly however when I run Oblivion it causes instability. I have set the graphic settings way down -turned off all HDR, Bloom, Anit-Aliasing. Set textures to low, lowered resolution etc.

The Problem:-When I load a savegame, the game will run for between 1 & 10 secs before freezing up (sound still works fine). The game will sometimes unfreeze after a few secs then run for a sec & freeze again (exactly as if the graphics were set way too high -fps of 0.1). Othertimes the game will crash back to desktop but keep the in-game view. I know its gone back to desktop because when i power down i can hear the exiting windows sound.

A couple of times it has re-booted the computer and when it gets back to windows the error message says that the graphics card is causing the instability.

The game runs for longer & freezing is less bad when I load less graphically intensive saves -ie will run normally in a small house, will run ok for a bit in a town but will lock-up instantly when outside in the rain.

What I have Tried:
-First thought was I was trying to run with too high graphics but the problems still occur when graphics are set far below the level that worked fine with my old ATI9800 card.
-Next though it was overheating so I loaded the latest Nvida driver which has a temperature check and logged that while trying the game. No probs -runs at around 50 degrees.
-Also though maybe DirectX problem (as I had recently re-installed Windows) so I re-installed 9c but no change.
-I tried uninstalling the graphics driver then re-installing the latest version no change -and tried the old version on the cd -still no effect.
-Tried combinations of driver uninstall and Oblivion uninstall/re-install. No luck
-tried closing all background progs ie antivirus etc -still not effect.
-Using ASUS probe -tried logging the voltages to see if my power supply is failing to provide correct voltages -there were no fluctuations when I ran the game. -Don';t know what else to do to check if I'm overloading it.

My System:

-Athlon XP 2800+
-ASUS A7N8X Mobo
-1.5Gb RAM (.5Gb added at same time as new graphics card)
-80Gb IDE HD
-2 DVD drives
-460W Enermax PSU
-6800 GS AGP card replacing ATI 9800 (& I have ensured all ATI drivers have been uninstalled)

Any advice please?????? :)
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  1. What version of driver you are using now ? Official WHQL or modded driver ?
    Try the driver from NGOHQ. Sometimes they are solving the problems.

    Put your PCI latency to 64. You can change this in BIOS.

    1.5GB memory ? How many pieces of memory you have ? If you have more than one piece, i supposed they are not in the same capacity ? so they are not running in dual channel then ?
  2. try other versions of drivers..video and mobo....
    default the bios settings....if necesary update it...
    check the agp fast write setting....

    in my experience 6800gs had problems with the driver..try other version of driver...not necesary the latest...

    and as an ultimate solution ..if ..posible ..try to put your card in other sistem ..see if the problem remains...
  3. Hi i have the same video card .
    there are a number of things this could be.
    is your Bios up to date?(there may be a setting in the bios for bridged pci express to agp chips to enable)
    have you removed all traces of the ati drivers ie :- registry entries,ati dlls in the windows directory driver cleaner doesnt clear all traces.
    Are u overclocking over the standard factory OC?
    have you tweaked your ram timings if so go back to safe settings
    Have u tweaked the oblivion.ini? if so delete it and oblivion will create a new one.
    What programs do u close in the task manager before u play it?(dont end nvsvc32.exe it causes instability on my system in oblivion so try that).

    my system:
    skt 754 A64 2800+
    Asrock combo z motherboard
    gainward bliss golden sample 6800gs agp
    450 core/1200 mem
    1.5gb mem
    soundblaster audigy se 7.1
    *16 dvd
    *40 cdrw
    120gb ide maxtor hd
    480w thermaltake purepower psu
    windows xp home
    windows xp home
  4. Um well it seems obvious to me but youi have changed 2 variables in your computer, remove the extra stick of ram and see if that fixes it

    If it does you can then proceed to use the memory to stir your coffee with and seek a refund;)

    Hope this is what it is as otherwise I am stumped at what it could be apart from a hardware fault, which is unlikely
  5. A lot of useful ideas -thanks.
    I shall work my way through them tonight and hope that they sort it out.

    Cheers :)
  6. So there is a solution to your problem: Riva tuner!
    Check compatibility settings there with your mobo. It is a nforce chipset so it will be fixed that way. And remember always to disable agp fast write
    in bios.
  7. Tried lot loads of stuff last night -no luck.

    I can confirm the problem isn't related to my RAM as I thoroughly tested each DIMM.

    I can also confirm it is unlikely to be software related as in desperation I re-formated my HD & re-installed windows. I also reset my BIOS (and tried changing the agp fast write setting) so unless the factory BIOS of this Mobo has a strange quirk, that's not the problem.

    Tonight I will swap out my 600W PSu from my other computer to definatively check if its a lack of power issue.

  8. S

    have you tried the card on a dif system yet?
  9. Lol -am very tempted ;)

    I suppose I'll have to try it out in another system if the PSU test fails -such a pain. I hate troubleshooting.
  10. It was a lack of power issue causing my card to run in degraded mode -apparently 460W is not enough power to run my system!

    This card must need 150W+ to run although I can't believe it actually needs all that power because the heatsink is too small to disipate such energy. The card must have some software control to check power levels to pick up on users who forget to hook-up the additional power connection.

    Now I have to fork out another £75 to get a new PSU -doh!
  11. Hi there,
    I've recently had problems relating to a 6800 card and I've found that they're hungrier for power than Saddam Hussein, Hitler and Mussolini all rolled into one.

    Seriously, I just bought myself a cheap 600W from a UK site called www.ebuyer.co.uk and it works without a hitch. If you don't want to shell out loads of money, there are solutions out there that will work, they just haven't established their brandnames yet. Mine's a Sansun. I went well above what I thought would be necessary as it's cheap, so 500W might not quite hold it.

    I know that if you spend more on a PSU you expect to get better reliability, I just thought I would tell you the other side of things. It's your money and decision, however. All the best,
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