Hard Drive Activity Light

I just noticed that the activity light on the case next to my power light does not work. I do not see any connetors for it on the motherboard or wires in the case for it.

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  1. There must be wires, look more carefully. If there wasn't a wire, then there wouldn't be an LED.
  2. Yeap... they're definitely there dude. They may be individual wires like my case, then you'll have to use your manuals to connect them correctly.
  3. I already had it connected, but I had to reverse polarity. How was I supposed to know the correct polarty?
  4. Return the case to the manufacturer. It has an obvious design defect.
  5. If you check the wires and if they are connected flip them around. That should fix the problem. Some cases have mutiple wires for HHD activity. just make sure you connect, the right pair.
  6. the case manual should let you which wire is pos+ or neg-. The board manual should tell you which pins are pos+ and neg-
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