HIS x1900XT iceQ cards rarer than conroe???

Has anyone been able to find one of these cards? They're seem to be OOS everywhere.
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  1. A retailer I know mentioned this just over 2 weeks ago when I said his shelves were bare of HIS product, he said Daiwa hasn't been sending anymore from HIS because they are ramping up for the new stock (wasn't sure at the time whether it was a new HSF or what, but now it seems the were talking about the X1950), which would be arriving soon. This is likely the case in the US too.
    HIS does this alot (same thing happened with the X800 series, especially X800XL I had my eye on) and it makes sense to run out just before the end of product life, than to have overstock returned.
  2. I see, thanks for the info.
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