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Ok im new to this hardware stuff and I have a question. Ive stumbled upon this deal from scan:

Im talking about number 1 on the list (hence the forum). It seems very cheap to me and a good start to my new 6600 system im going to be building soon. What is the downside to this deal? I realise the included power supply might not be amazing but it looks decent enough.

Will I be able to use this with C2D motherboards such as the DS3, DS4 and DQ6? Even though they are not SLI motherboards (I think the answer is yes but just checking).

Thanks for the help, if theres something i should know about this please tell me before I buy it :D
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  1. Umm what're paying 600 dollars for a video card and psu.

    You DON'T need an SLI mobo for it. Its 2 cards in one, that function on a single PCI-E slot.

    They're used in Quad SLI systems to get up to 4 cards in SLI.

    Considering that video card costs 550 bucks in the states, that's a really good deal for the UK.
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