No idea on needed cooling...?

Hi guys, here's the system:

Antec Sonata II w/ 450W psu
X2 5000+
x1800xt 512mb or 1900xt (depends on availability)
2gb OCZ ddr2-800
msi k9n
250gb western digital HDD

There will be NO overclocking, but I have no idea on whether or not this rig will require addition cooling measures to run?

the case supports extra fans:
1x120mm (front)
1x92mm (cpu)
1x80mm (gpu)

would adding all those fans be sufficient? or do i need to look into other cooling methods?? ambient room temp should be normal, no extremes.

thanks :)
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  1. If you haven't had any problems with heat-related crashing, you are probably fine, since you don't plan on O/C'ng anything.

    On another note, that 450w Antec PSU, does it come with the Sonata case? If it does you're pushing the upper limits of the PSU with that beefy system. Those Antec PSU's were nice a couple years ago when the systems weren't dual-core, but most dual-core systems SHOULD be powered with at least 500 true watts, IMHO. It would still work, but it will burn out faster than a PSU with more headroom, and that can get expensive.
  2. You should be just fine. I doubt that system will draw more than 350 watts under full load so your PSU is more than enough. With out overclocking the stock cooler will be sufficent but you may want to replace it with a quieter one.
  3. cool thanks for the help guys, I'll just leave it stock + fans and keep an eye on the temp for the first while and go from there :)

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