How does this PLAN sound to you??

Okay, I want a computer than will last very long.
So, I'm thinking about getting a E6600 and a 7600gt and get a dx10 card later when it comes out around christmas.

Therefore, I do have about $2000 in canadian. I'm planning to buy the Conroe based computer with 7600gt with about $1100 and when I upgrade to a dx10 card and a right psu for $500(? im guessing please tell me how much it might be) then, i'll use the spare 7600gt and make another spare computer for rest of $400.

Core 2 Duo E6600 $400
eVGA 7600GT KO $172 might downgrade to x800xl.
OCZ XTC DDR2 800 $214
Not Sure about a mobo yet as i want to keep it mATX and around $150.
Please Recomman Me a good mobo that i can overclock it pretty well.
Silverstone SG-01 Evolution $160
Fortron Sparkle FSP 400w $43
I chose this PSU becasue the reviews in here were very good and free shipping.
It all comes to $1139 Canadian.

I am buying my parts from either or or or or

Need Mobo suggestions since i'm going to run it with a SG-01 which is a SFF case that only takes mATX mobos. It also needs to have ddr2 800mhz, pci-e and conroe compatible

How does my plan sound like to you?

Thanks alot.
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  1. My personal advice, just bump it up to a 7900gt. That should be fine since DX10 cards probably wont be out for a long time still. The PSU should be fine though. I'm in the same situation as you. My system is based around the E6400. One question though, why do you need a Micro ATX board?:S
  2. 'Cuz im getting a Small Form Factor (SFF) case.
  3. Here's a list.

    I'm in the same boat as you, waiting for an SLI m-ATX mobo to show up. :(

    It'll probably take some time before they show up in numbers.
  4. Thank, µATX Whats the u sign?
    a messed up m??

    If anyone has something to say and recommendations with my plan
    PLZ tell me. :)
  5. it means micro 10^-6 i just abreviate it as m, cuz i'm lazy like that.
  6. It's not mATX, but it's still a good board..... go for the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
  7. I HAVE to have a mATX board since im getting a mATX case.
  8. Seriously, you should consider switching out for a normal ATX case. I haven't heard of any good m-atx Conroe mobos.
  9. There aren't out yet.
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