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I am posting in this NG as my news server doesn't hold any 2003 groups
(any public server for this ?)

If I manually run ntbackup.exe sometimes it runs sometimes it doesn't.
When it doesn't run, there is an hourglass for 5 seconds then nothing,
no gui. Task manager shows it as a process using 3774k mem sitting
idle with no GUI or anything. When it does run the GUI appears
immideatly, no hourglass, and it uses 8880k of ram.

I've read similar posts about ntbackup not working with the task
scheduler (which was my initial problem) but I've narrowed it down to
ntbackup (with no params) not even running reliably, period regardless
of task manager. Clicking my shortcut to ntbackup 5 times will give
maybe 1 instance of the GUI and 4 processes doing nothing. Trying the
same thing under Win-XP-Pro it works perfectly, 5 clicks = 5 NTBackup
GUI's. I tried using the XP version of ntbackup.exe renamed to
ntbackup.xp.exe on w2003 but it gave the same unreliable non gui
action as the original 2003 ntbackup.exe

I read;en-us;555136
but there is no other user on server at moment, just me as the admin.
I've tried it as a scheduled task with diff admin credentials bit
nothing. Am I to believe that a year on windows 2003 server is NOT
able to be used 'reliably' for backups, perhaps the main use anyone
would have of a server! Surely not?

Anyone running windows server 2003 standard, can you make a shortcut
on desktop to start | programs | accessories | system tools | backup
and click it 10 times at 5 second intervals, Do you get 10 NTBackup
GUI's ? if not can you close all the ntbackup GUI's and see if there
are still some ntbackup.exe instances in the process list?

I've googled and kb'd for hours hence my arrival here. (I'll try to
post in a 2003 group via google if this is O.T for this NG)

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.advanced_server (More info?)

    Simplifying things if you run the following batch file fo you get 10
    instances of the ntbackup GUI? You do under winxp (and probably win
    2000), under win2003-server I get a random number of instances

    1st try = 5
    2nd try = 3
    3rd try = 4

    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup
    start ntbackup

    For me this renders the whole 2003-server unuseable, as if backup
    doesn't even work reliably what hope/point is there for the rest of
    it. Maybe there is a simple solution, or something peculiar to my
    system, but it's a clean install though with ALL updates!. If not I'd
    recommend everyone avoid it like the plague, probably best/safer to
    stick with Win3.1 or PC-Dos ! :)
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