mATX Opteron Question. (Motherboard help)

I am building a portible "Gaming Server". I have just picked up an Opteron 146, and now I am trying to find a good mobo to match.

I know I need SATA II and PCI 16x (Since the HD I bought for it is a SATA II, and the videocard is an eVGA 7600GT.) So I have narrowed the field to three contenders:

eVGA 131-K8-NF44-AX

GigaByte GA-K8N51GMF-9

Asus A8N-VM

Any idead which one would be best? Or is there a better option for my needs?

I list these three because I have used products in the past from Asus, eVGA, and Gigabyte. They are all quality vendors. I know MSI makes a mATX 939 SATA II/PCI 16x mobo, but I have had nothing but trouble with thier mobos. And, don't even mention ECS.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

And, it has to be an mATX mobo, as it is going into a X-Qpack Case.
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  1. Quote:
    I am building a portible "Gaming Server".

    By gaming server, do you mean a server which you'll be playing some games on, or do you mean a game server which will be like a server at a LAN party?
  2. I prefer the Gigabyte, just because it has RAID-5, but RAID- 5 is a little slower, so you may chose to go with RAID-1 (which they all offer) anyway. I am assuming you are using this as a "Lan Party" server, in which case you should have at least 2 drives in at least a RAID-1 array. Would, otherwise, kinda suck if you lost a drive during an 8-way fragfest.
  3. Exactly. It is going to be running dedicated servers at LAN parties for Battlefield 2, Battlefield Vietnam, Bet On Soldier, etc.

    So, just need a good workhorse cpu, (hence the Opteron), a 1gb of DDR, and a quick SATA drive. (WD Raptor)
  4. Biostar Tforce, MSI K8NGM2 series or DFI RS482.
    Seeing as you have a 7600GT why pay for integrated gfx though - get a Gigabyte K8NMF-9. Yes, you won't have SATA II but in real life there is virtually no performance difference between SATA150 & 300, merely burst speed.
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