Just bought my E6400 ZipZoomFly

ZipZoomFly.com has E6300 and E6400's in stock as of right now. Just ordered mine instead of an E6600. Figured I'll be buying a DX10 video card in the future so decided to save 100 bucks. Go get em! :D
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  1. Um,

    it says "pre-order"

  2. Does it?
  3. Quote:

    Does it?

    :oops: lol
    I went down the line ASS U ME ING the 2nd in line was the 6400

    My bad

  4. Heh, don't worry, I came back from dinner and thought the same thing. :lol:
  5. Come on e6600.....
  6. Mazel tov.
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