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I bought a motherboard A7v400 mx se though old worked fine for 2 months and then suddenly my machine was not booting.I tried everything cleared the rom(CLRTC)no boot no beeps,the red light was still on my pc.I gave this mobo for three times uptil now for warranty replacement.

It supports Amd Anthlon xp and sempron(SOCKET A)

Well i am afraid that this might happen again so any remedies??
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  1. if u still have all the cd that u used to load ur system, use that to repair the problem,,, my p.c. do that sometimes if it get updated...
  2. Hey you did not understand my problem i even cannot boot up from that pc how could i even use the cd
  3. u need to go on a bios and change ur boothing on cd instead of hd
  4. Ummmm. He cant get to bios. How can he change his boot order. Anyway have you tried booting the pc with just the ram, cpu & mobo? I had a dead harddrive (i didnt know it at the time) and my pc wouldnt boot until i unplugged it.
  5. Quote:
    u need to go on a bios and change ur boothing on cd instead of hd

    Did you read his post? (It isn't that long...) Ha can't boot!
  6. If it's an old board, maybe the cmos battery needs to be replaced.
  7. Quote:
    If it's an old board, maybe the cmos battery needs to be replaced.

    It is indeed an older board (my guess it's 3+ years old - sA Athlon, A MP, A XP, Barton; VIA KT400 chipset), but a battery would start showing signs first - messing up bios settings, setting up a password, etc.

    Might be a bad component - RAM, HDD; or even the mobo. Dried-out cap?
  8. Get a Nfroce 2 board, you'll be happier they're probably can be found cheap, their onboard graphics are tons better than S3's too and you might get dual channel as well.
  9. Are you sure it's the Mother Board and not the Power Supply that died ?
  10. It could be either motherboard or psu. If a spare psu is handy, try using that and see what happens. The motherboard is still old, the battery is old and might be dead, and a nforce 2 motherboard would be a good step up. On the other hand, if the money is available, building a new system from ground up would be better yet.
  11. If the motherboard is the problem I would just recommend replacing it with a new Socket A board and wait for news to drop on the DX10 video cards and maybe better processors. It would suck to upgrade now, just to get shafted a few months later by a video card that is cheaper and twice as good as the one you bought.
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  13. this is like my 1st time having a p.c. and using it, but I can fixed it whenever it broke down,,, not like most people,,, I was just trying to be helpul,,, why not just say his p.c. is dead instead of not booting,,, I do not know all the terminology when it comes on p.c.
  14. If they will warranty that is good for you, if not it's only like $20.00 to get soem referbed boads on newegg. I had to fix a few at work and orded 2 boards worked great without spending a ton of money... However I see that you can get a AMD 3400 64 bit with Motherboard for like $99.00 if you are on a budget.. Lots of options at the moment with the prices so low.
  15. Well i did everything what you said then finally i went to an ASUS service center with my processor and MOBO,there i came to found that my processor was faulty and in the upcoming days i am gonna going to update to 64bit. 8)
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