Need help choosing LCD monitor

I am making the switch from CRT (LG Flatron) to LCD. I have narrowed down my list to either one of these:

ViewSonic VA912B
ViewSonic VP920B
Hyundai Q90u
Hyundai B91D

I spend much of my time either programming or image editing or browsing the web and enjoy playing a First person shooter each night..

I need something in the $350 range (R2,500 South african Rands)
Could anyone recommend either of these monitors? Or something similiar / better, I don't use windows so Samsung is out of the question.
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  1. Just flip a coin and live with it. You know as long as you are happy with your choice and it works for you don't worry about what's the best.
    You don't need to spend alot of money for a LCD, just one little thing, get one with a fast refresh rate, 10ms of less..
  2. Most all 19" LCD's have a .294mm pixel pitch and many have a response time under 8ms. One of the most important things to consider is can you return the monitor if you find that it has a dead pixel. For example has a policy of being able to return an LCD monitor if it has more then 8 dead pixels. Even 1 dead pixel in green located in the middle of your LCD will drive you crazy. A store like Costco has Princeton 19" LCD's with a 6ms response time for $229.99 with speakers in the rear. And a store like Costco will allow you to return your LCD monitor for any reason with no questions asked.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
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