Card for Vista Aero Glass on development machine

Can someone recommend a graphics card supporting Windows Vista Aero Glass on a development machine.
I use my PC for SW development only, no gaming.
I need dual monitor DVI support @1600x1200.
Quiet or better no fan.

Up to now I always used Matrox cards but they don't seem to offer a solution.
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  1. I assume you mean Software Development as opposed to Solid Works development.

    You should probably just wait for Vista to come out. Until its final anthing can be changed leaving you up the creak without a paddle. If you realy want to upgrade now you could just get the cheapest card you can find to hold you over or get a mobo with graphics card slot and integrated graphics that can be disabled when you upgrade.

    Well that is just my opinion. Personally I am waiting for Vista to come out and then plan to wait another 6 months for them to get the worst bugs worked out before I upgrade.
  2. At work we have a software engineer running Vista full time on his development pc. He's using a 128MB 6600 with dual 19" LCDs at 1280x1024.

    On some of my computers we have 256MB x700s and they run Vista fine as well. I had Aeroglass working on 945 integrated graphics.
  3. First, what's your interface AGP or PCIe? Helps in knowing limiations of recommendations.

    IMO, the two best options would be the X1300 and GF7300 Both have AGP/PCIe variants, and both are rather inexpensive and can be cooled with a passive heatsink. The problem is finding them at various retailers. NewEgg doesn't carry many passive heatsink models, and the dual DVI ones are few and far between, the GF7600GS being their best option for fatures/price and the X300SE being the best for price that can handle Vista, just not do much with it.

    IMO look for an nVidia GF7300GT (built on GF7600 core, so likely to have dual link dvi in the mix) or ATi X1300, both would offer you the most flexability and allow you to explore the most features offered in the Vista based future.
  4. I need PCIe
  5. Quote:
    I need PCIe

    Well then you're in luck, it offers you the most options of these new cards.

    So try and find the ones I listed above (X1300/GF7300GT), but also consider a passive X1600 or GF7600GS.

    The GF7600GS is the only one I could find at NewEgg;

    Then there's also the X300SE which is a very weak card;

    So like I said, not many options at NewEgg. :?
  6. Thanks for your very helpful answer :-)
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