Bad PSU?

Hey guys-

I have been having some issues with the old PC and was curious if it might be a PSU problem. I have never had a PSU issue in the past as I always replaced them whenever I did a new build.. in this case I have had the same PSU for more than 3 years...

The other day my computer was working fine when I went to bed but when i woke up in the morning I found it going through a cycle of rebooting.. loading into GRUB.. waiting 30 seconds and defaulting to try and load windows XP. The hard drive would flash and XP starts to load but then the system reboots and the cycle goes on and on.

On the next reboot I tried to boot into Ubuntu and this also failed to boot although instead of automatically rebooting it just hung during the boot up process. At this point I was thinking maybe my motherboard (only a few months old) may have been the issue.

I turned off the PC and went to work, when I came home the system booted into Windows fine and ran ok all night. Just before bed I noticed the infrared light on my mouse which is normally all red flash a few times and then go out and i could not use the mouse at all. I left the room and a few minutes later came in to the system being back in the reboot, try to load, reboot cycle.

Does this sound like it could be the PSU? As mentioned it is a few years old and by far the oldest part of my system with everything else being just a few months old. The room that the computer is in is air conditioned so I don't think it's the summer weather.. although the PC and AC are both on the same circuit and perhaps the AC is not getting along with the PSU?

I saw the advice about MOBO monitor on the sticky so if I can get into windows tonight I plan on looking at that, but would appreciate any other advice.


(Sorry for the wall of text)
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  1. Could be the PSU.

    Could you list all system parts and specs.
  2. I don't have super details as I am currently at work however I'm running

    2 GB Corsair XMS DDR 400 (4 dimms x 512 mb)
    Athlon 3500+ socket 939
    ASRock Dual-SATA 939 Mobo
    eVGA NVidia 6800 (AGP Version)
    120 GB W.D. IDE/PATA Hard Drive

    And then an ASPIRE Dreamer II case that is fairly popular on Newegg, but only because it is cheap not known for its power supplies. In fact, I'm surprised it lasted more than 2 years if it is indeed the problem.
  3. I would guess the PSU, your running a pretty low scale system thats why it didnt bother you before, nots its slowly deteriorating and its showing signs.
  4. Ya I figured that may be the case. Since I have a 4800+ X2, a new 350 GB SATAII HD in the mail and in a month a new video card on the way the 350 Watts it had probably would not have cut it anyway.

    Would this guy be an adequate replacement? It seems to get finer reviews but every now and then someone says not to use it for gaming, which is what i plan to do. Although they are probably just discussing enthusiast big crazy SLI Configurations?
  5. i wouldnt trust it.

    Get this:

    few bucks more, MUCH better
  6. Ok, 400 W will be enough to handle the new CPU, hard drive and possible video card (single video card.. i don't see ever having the dough for SLI)?
  7. that 400w PSU is very good, it'll handle pretty much any single card setup you can throw at it. Although, dual 6800's will prolly work on the PSU
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