Which GFX card for my Widescreen LCD?

Hi People.

I bought myself the Viewsonic VX2025wm 20.1" Widescreen LCD monitor.

The problem is, I have a Geforce FX5600 AGP displaying the monitor.
This allows me only to display 1280 X 1024 pixels, which makes my images stretch and the letters blur on the screen.
I need a graphics card that can display upto 1680 X 1050 pixels.

I use my PC mostly for Video editing, web surfing and Gaming.

(How about the Geforce 7800GS AGP)

1. Which 8 X AGP graphics card would be able to handle this LCD Monitor?

Thanks in Advance,

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  1. I am thinking of buying the AGP Geforce 7800GS.

    Will this card have enough power to work with this monitor?
    (1680X1050) Display.
  2. I bought the AGP XFX Geforce 7800GS Nvidia graphics card.

    I installed the card and the latest drivers.

    It's working 100%.


  3. Good that it works, hope you enjoyed the conversation w/yourself :D. I'm getting the same monitor on Friday, is it as good as you hoped it would be? No problems with it? Tx...
  4. outta curiosity stranger, have you had any (good) games that do not support widescreen resolutions lately? I know fear has issues w/ it, and have run it on laptops after altering the .ini but have any newer games come out w/o that support?

    It is just something frustrating that an old game like UT'99 came out and supports practically every res combo out there (Epic rules) and a "modern" game like fear does not. I am gonna be getting a new lcd (finally moving from my 19" Trinitron even though it is still buttah) and been debating over wide or not. If too many games still do not support it then I may wait.

    I know this is a hijack, but it seems about done anyway and thought I would fire off a quick Q that might help out the OP as well... ;)
  5. I am happy with the LCD widescreen. The text is sharp and the colours are great. The only thing is that the black isn't as dark/defined as a CRT monitor. You have to sit right in front of the screen to have the best results. Also no dead pixels, which I was a bit concerned about.
    I had to use the "Colour Correction" in the Nvidia control panel, to get the settings just the way I like it.

    If I had to get a PCI-E card, I would have to replace my motherboard (478 Socket), 2GB DDR400 Ram and my 3GHz Intel (Northwood) processor. That would cost me much more then just buying the 7800GS.

    I haven't played any games yet, so I don't know how this LCD performs with games.



    P.S. At least I didn't have a conversation by myself this time. :D
  6. You should upgrade to a PCI-e platform then. The 7800GS can handle it but not at high quality gaming at that high resolution of that wide screen monitor.
  7. it's not that high... 1600x1200 still pushes more pixels man. and that card should do just fine at that res in all current games.
  8. Quote:
    but unless EA make them i would assume a widescreen option would be included.


    ya, new games are hard to come by right now. Not too many really good ones. (subjective I know) Lately I have just been on GRAW, bf2, w40k:DOW, and hl2:ep1... and half of those are "old".

    I was just curious about support, and b/c I have not taken that wide plunge (yet) I did not know about that forum... thanks. :)

    I have just been dragging my feet towards lcd as I still see ghosting on many of the current lcd's and it annoys my. (the black issue mentioned above is also annoying) But my desktop space if finally becoming more important than those, and many new lcd's are very true on the black and nicer for ghosting so...

    does that Dell support the option of not stretching (and interpolating) to the screen size on lower res? I forget what it is called but I have seen it on a few samsung and other monitors...
  9. ya, see if whatever widescreen I got had that option then I would not worry so much as it would just have "black bars" on the sides and still be crystal. That is what I like.

    I am thinking either the dell or one of the viewsonic wide ones... still just thinking and not sure when I will get tired enough of the trinitron I have. ;)
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